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I am now available for double-mistress sessions with Mistress Alice Lynch.  Click Here To Learn More


There is no such thing as an “average,” “standard,” or, “regular” session. I do not work from a script, menu, or set list and–because everything I do

is a reaction to your physical responses (as well as the pre-negotiated limits of the scene, of course)–I have absolutely no idea of what I am going to do

until I actually have you in my hands and it’s already started happening.

Just like the humans involved, each session is unique, diverse, and personal and, I have found, the more one puts into the experience in terms of communication and feedback, the more one can expect to reap from it. Yes, I understand that having to verbalize what you want me to “force” you to do detracts from the fantasy but I can’t know things that you’re too afraid or embarrassed to tell me. In a perfect world, I could magically apperceive all your peccadilloes and proclivities and how to use them against you in the most effective and pleasing manner, but this is not a perfect world.


This is Ohio.

That said, BDSM does include a basic repertoire of activities, some of which I excel in more than others.

If you don’t see your interest included on the list below, please don’t hesitate to ask if it’s something I’ve already done or would consider doing.

My tribute is $300 per hour and a deposit of $75 for every hour booked is required to schedule.

To learn more about the various activities available, click on the links below.


I DO NOT engage in or offer video clips/pictures that portray or explore the following activities:

*scat *single-tail whips *blood sports or cutting

*no sexual activity of any kind (that includes pussy worship, nipple worship, ass-licking, skin-on-skin smothering, creampies, or any activity

that ends in "-job" or "-ingus").

*nudity *live crush *the wearing of latex clothing *sessions with females or couples

*religion-based or racially motivated scenes *scenes containing any type of bestiality

*switch sessions *intense smoking sessions or sessions involving cigars

*poppers  *huffing  *party favors  *forced intox

*any type of play that could result in long term/permanent injuries or damage.

*doctor, nurse or cop roleplay

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