There is no such thing as an “average,” “standard,” or, “regular” session. I do not work from a script, menu, or set list and–because everything I do is a reaction to your physical responses (as well as the pre-negotiated limits of the scene, of course)–I have absolutely no idea of what I am going to do until I actually have you in my hands and it’s already started happening.

Just like the humans involved, each session is unique, diverse, and personal and, I have found, the more one puts into the experience in terms of communication and feedback, the more one can expect to reap from it. Yes, I understand that having to verbalize what you want me to “force” you to do detracts from the fantasy but I can’t know things that you’re too afraid or embarrassed to tell me. In a perfect world, I could magically apperceive all your peccadilloes and proclivities and how to use them against you in the most effective and pleasing manner, but this is not a perfect world.


This is Ohio.

That said, BDSM does include a basic repertoire of activities, some of which I excel in more than others.

If you don’t see your interest included on the list below, please don’t hesitate to ask if it’s something I’ve already done or would consider doing.

While bondage isn’t essential for a good session, it can most certainly provide a very sound foundation for one.

​Not only does bondage heighten of one’s sense of vulnerability and loss of control, it affords increased eroticism brought about by the delicious tease of not knowing where I’ll touch you next coupled with the understanding that there is absolutely nothing you can do about it, (maybe my next ministration will be a caress, or maybe a slap, maybe I’ll graze you with my breasts or bend your fingers backwards—in any case, you won’t be able to get away.

Bondage can provide a whole array of different sensations: from humiliation (the forced holding of degrading positions), to honor and pride(by putting you in chastity I am claiming your body/cock as my property), to suspense and excitement (predicament bondage & sensory deprivation), to intense pleasure/sensation (nipple/cock & ball bondage, mummification, etc.), to discomfort and pain (once again, predicament bondage).

Furthermore, bondage carries intense emotional connotations: from the objectification that comes with the collar and leash, and the dehumanization that comes with a hood, to the emasculation/feminization of a corset, pantyhose, and a few well-placed spreader bars.

By limiting one’s ability to move, bondage increases one’s ability to submit and, through surrender, allows one to fully experience the moment.

My private play-space possesses over 30 different types of gags in all makes & models, as well as, hoods, gas masks, blindfolds, wrist, ankle, & thigh restraints, arm binders, opera gloves, finger, toe, & handcuffs, chastity devices, belts, cinches, etc. My bondage furniture includes: a bondage table, a spanking bench, a cbt chair, a cbt stepping box, and a cock pillory.

Few situations produce such a heightened sense of vulnerability and powerlessness as having one’s most sensitive & private areas, the very locus of manhood, under the control of and completely subject to the whims of another. For this reason (amongst many), I greatly enjoy CBT & NT and am well versed in the administration of a multitude of sensations, varying from light, pleasurable stimulation to rather harsh abuse—it all depends on you and your naughty bits. I am skilled in both nipple & genital bondage, as well as ball kicking, busting, crushing, sounds, heel grinding & electrical and possess a plethora of clamps, weights, harnesses, and other fun stuff sure to get one’s attention. Also, I routinely engage in sessions consisting solely of these activities.

(Please note: CBT is not secret code for “hand job.” I am not going to give you a hand job.


Not unless I get to use sand paper, for every rule has an exception.)


This area is, without a doubt, one of the most highly sought after of my many charms and for good reason. I possess a tremendous amount of experience and expertise in this particular area and have introduced scores of novices to the pleasures of polymer (I am a rubber city girl, after all), thought there’s always more room for notches on Mistresses belt. My strapon is quite apt at degrading little sluts, castigating misogynists, and rewarding the subservient, and my lexicon of humiliating and vulnerable positions suited to this type of play is considerable. While I haven’t actually written a book on the subject, I am perfectly capable of doing so any time I choose. And just in case it’s an issue for you, there is no need to convince me that you’re not gay. I already know you’re not gay. How can I be so sure? Because the cock you crave is attached to me and I in no way, shape, or form resemble a boy.

Like just about everything I do, My version of humiliation is more erotic and teasing in nature than mean or degrading; I’d much rather laugh at you then scream at you, and it would never occur to me to insult your intelligence or appearance because, while I will gleefully play the part of the bitch, I don’t even want to pretend to be a bully.

My favorite forms of humiliation include: verbal humiliation/filthy language (relating to cuckolding, penis-size, and slut training, especially), shaving, spitting, cocksucking instruction, forced feminizations, human ashtray, performing humiliating tasks, panty cocktails, forced photography, forced masturbation, tickling, & forced ejaculation consumption.


While roleplay can make an already adrenalizing activity even more so by introducing theater into what began as an already fairly surreal situation, it’s the only form of play that requires a somewhat equal amount of work from all parties involved; you can’t just lay there and shudder while I have my wicked way with you–at least not for a substantial portion of the session, anyway.

Furthermore, if your desired area/level of play is beyond what would be termed “mild,” I will not even entertain the notion of including roleplay in the session until we’ve played enough times to develop a rapport and I feel confident of my knowledge of how your mind and body reacts to various types of stimulation . For example, a roleplay where you play a shoe salesman and I play a shopper who tries to use her sexy size 8’s to procure a sweet new set of kicks is fine for a first time submissive while a roleplay where I play a truth-extraction specialist hired by the Nazis who is willing to use whatever methods necessary to ascertain your affiliation with the French Resistance would not be.


I DO NOT engage in or offer video clips/pictures that portray or explore the following activities:

*scat *single-tail whips *blood sports or cutting

*no sexual activity of any kind (that includes pussy worship, nipple worship, invasive ass worship or ass-licking, skin-on-skin smothering, creampies, or any activity that ends in -job or -ingus.

*nudity *live crush *the wearing of latex clothing *sessions with females or couples

*religion-based or racially motivated scenes *scenes containing any type of bestiality

*public play *switch sessions *intense smoking sessions or sessions involving cigars

*poppers  *huffing  *party favors  *forced intox

*any type of play that could result in long term/permanent injuries (e.g. extreme corporal,

blood sports, castration, branding, breast implants etc.)