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Imagine yourself bent over my knee, groin pressed firmly against my lap, my hand securely grasping the nape of your neck, pushing your head down;  the feel of my stockings rubbing against your bare thighs as you settle into the proper position;  my fingertips slowly tracing circles in your flesh, my nails teasingly biting into your skin before greedily cupping your ass and sizing up my options.


Imagine the anticipation of waiting for that first, delicious strike. If such thoughts arouse you sexually, you may indeed be a very good candidate for a professional erotic spanking session.

Spankings can gentle & sweet and function as a soothing mechanism or they can be sound & firm and intended to administer punishment or deliver pain. Spankings can be used to cause humiliation or embarrassment, inspire a feeling of vulnerability, or be a way for a mistress to reconnect with her sub. Spankings can be incredibly erotic & arousing or they can hurt like hell. They can be almost vanilla in nature or incredibly twisted & perverted.


Despite it's infantile connotations & connections to childhood, (the infant's welcome to the world is a lung-clearing slap, the dreaded annual birthday ritual, the fear of the principal's paddle & threats of “just wait until your father gets home,”--even sometimes at the hands of peers during youthful hazing rites), spanking has held a highly venerated place in the adult sphere for as long as recorded history.

Spanking has dominated the sexual tapestry since humans discovered sex could be used for more than just procreation. The Kama Sutra, the world's oldest & best known manual on sex, provides instruction on how to give a proper sexy spanking & the Victorians were so smitten with the activity, it became luridly known as “The English Vice” & greatly dominated the pornography of the day. The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all incorporated spanking into their fertility rituals as it was believed to increase one's ability to procreate, with the Romans even holding an annual spank-fest called “Lupercalia” which involved naked priests & noblemen running about the streets and soundly lashing any woman they encountered, many of whom were helpfully flashing ass as these flays were thought to purify the uterus & bestow bounty upon the village.

More universally recognized than any other fetish as being a fetish, spanking is firmly imprinted (wink, wink) upon humanity's collective unconscious for good reason: human beings are biologically hard-wired to enjoy a good sound smacking.

In “The Politics of Spanking,” Susan Block explains:  The butt is truly the “seat” of human pleasure, with lots of touch-responsive nerve endings that are in deliciously close proximity to the genitalia. To put it in physiological terms, spanking and other forms of butt play elicit “cross talk” between afferent and efferent nerve tracts at the S2 spinal level (posterior superior iliac spine), where nerves supplying both the butt and the sexual organs enter and leave the spinal cord. Such cross talk causes stimulation of the buttocks to trigger sexual arousal

In other words, getting a boner when you think about the scary nun that used to spank you or feeling a fluttering in your britches every time you see your mother's wooden spoon is not only completely normal—it's to be expected. The ass is dangerously close to the genitals & stimulating it (even in a manner meant to be unpleasant) can inadvertently elicit a pleasurable response. (Don't tell Mom or Sister Katherine about this, though. The don't need to know.  Such information will just confuse or upset them.)


The Spanking/BDSM community generally recognizes 5 types of spankings:  sexy, punishment, therapeutic, roleplay & hardcore.

If you'd like to learn more about the differences between these categories, the website offers an Illustrated Guide to Types of Spanking.

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