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April 2nd, 2024

The Confessional:  Chapters 17 & 18


December 6th, 2023



The other night I was laying on the couch and my dog kept bringing me her tennis ball, trying to get me to take it from her and toss it. She went so far and dropping the ball next to my hand and then nudging my hand towards the ball. Most days I'll eventually give in and toss it for her but the other night, I didn't want her sliding around where I was doing some construction. Instead I tried to get her to play tug and scratched her ears but she wouldn't relent with the tennis ball. Sometimes I feel like I get that way with diapers and w/s in these notes. That space seems to be where most of my fantasies land and I'll never stop picturing variations of being your diapered, piss drinking slave. It's to the point of distraction at times, especially when thinking through ideas for an upcoming session. I'm so grateful for you expanding my view into various play, I sometimes get tunnel vision with this one. As always, if you're not in the mood for this, I completely understand, skip the next paragraph or two.. I'm going to hold off asking in future notes if only to force me to think about other ideas. Feel free to pull this one out whenever you see best. Just know that I'll always have that tennis ball in my mouth..


I don't say the following with any sort of expectation for exception to the rules, please use this to craft whatever you think fits or as a basis for punishment. 


My reoccurring fantasy is a a two part story and the specifics of the scene are less important than how you may bring it to fruition....  Maybe it starts out with me confiding in you about having recently had an accident or you notice a slight smell from my clothes or some other humiliating verbal probing. Or, when traveling by myself, I often spend the evenings drinking a ridiculous amount of water, padding up and then using my wand watching various diaper videos until I cum or fall asleep. Usually waking at some point in the night with my cock straining in it's cage and typically a soaked diaper. I've often thought of settling into my room, enjoying my usual solo play when things are interrupted. Maybe a knock at the door or a teasing text. Naturally, the fantasy (d)evolves from there being tasked with something or instructions in prep of the session. I grappled with how to even ask for something like this or if it should just remain mastubatory fodder. If anything, I just needed to put this out there. It's never about the cumulative time together but the immersion into the experience. However the stage is set, it continues with you placing a diaper on me and any sort of bindings you feel like. I still get super embarrassed about this part of me and struggle with vocalizing it, I ask not only for your patience but also your guidance.  


Leaving plenty of room for interpretation on this part, the surprise is always my favorite part... You tell me I must remain dry for a time period or I have to use the diaper (with permission), set me up for a fail..errr a challenge. Followed by an appropriate punishment or reward. Maybe a spanking or some teasing with the wand. Maybe I have to swallow your piss, spilling any is met with punishment or contrarily, consuming it all is met with reward. Or, I am left to contemplate the situation with the wand teasing me. This is where I get lost on various paths and would ask for your interpretation and decision on how this develops.  


The 2nd part of this is much more graphic and where I've always been hesitant to even bring up due to not wanting to push any boundaries so I just ask that you understand this is where my brain goes when day dreaming. I can't tell you how many times I've thought of being cucked by you. Being forced to sit in a corner while you claim your pleasure and I'm forced to sit with my locked cock and wet diaper, listening to you, maybe stealing a glimpse or two. This is what I can't wrap my head around, it's not the denial or humiliation for me, it's quite the opposite.... You do so much for others, certainly incalculable things for me, that I only dream of world where your pleasure is bountiful (being granted the opportunity to bear witness is a secondary benefit). Beyond that, I typically end up being tasked with cleaning up the mess or otherwise being teased with scraps from the act. I don't know what to do with these thoughts and quite honestly, there are times knowing the impossibility of these desires are quite interesting in itself.


I have always been so nervous about mentioning the above but keep reminding myself of how important honesty is within this space. I said this in one of my follow up notes a while back but I am so fucking grateful for what you do and this place to play, I don't want to ever jeopardize what we currently have. If anything, I hope to give you a glimpse into my madness and provide some inspiration. Or maybe, simply, this flow of thoughts warrants punishment.


Last session you somehow got something new to click for me (in a long line of personal revelations). I can't tell you how much I enjoying being at your feet. Not just the foot play but that level of submission. Being forced to endure your wishes and torments while kneeling. I feel like a make-a-wish kid, it was after one of the first times you sat on my face, err your throne, I had continually dreamt of that exact scene, that position, your illustration of that dream took it to an entirely new level. 


I'm still reeling from that fucking you gave me. I have never felt like that before. Not a real dick or toy has ever done that to me. You own me. And not just in the scene, it's more than I can ever explain, I only assume that with your empathetic abilities you understand the grasp you have on me. You have my full consent on testing this statement. Aside from losing my virginity and the first time I discovered jacking off, that was a life changing orgasm that you led me to. I'd never expect any verbatim repeats of that scene but as I've thought about it, it all came down to your control over me. I've often fantasized but never imagined I'd not only willingly but eagerly hand over the keys to my dick and be excited at the thought of what sort of outcome you had in store for me. 


It's been a while since we played with sounding or you otherwise fucking that little hole.. I recently moved up to the next size piercing and have a bent barbell in now, it's way easier to deal with than those rings. Are you able to sound with it in? One serious note, it was out too long last time and I had a hell of a time getting it back in post-session... or maybe that lagging agony was part of the plan. As always, I make no assumptions of any sort of release from my cage. You had also teased the idea of some needle/cbt play last session but it never showed up. I'm not sure if you sensed some hesitation on my part or if it just didn't end up fitting your flow for the day, in either case this is my official confirmation. 


Lastly, I of course over analyze the shit out of things but I have often worried you may at times hold back in physical or verbal torment. If it's due to any fear of running me off or otherwise going somewhere unwanted, I'm confident we're at a place where I'm comfortable speaking up. You have always been able to teach me new things about myself, I'm ready for the grad level classes. 


This note ended up being all over the place and all of the above it said in total vulnerability without any expectation.. Whatever you read from this, I'm always grateful for our time together. 



June 5th, 2023



I'm writing this part much closer to our session and leaving the lines below unedited from the mood at the time they were written. I thought instead of my usual note, I'd share some reflection during these 15 days with you holding my keys. Some were intense thoughts dancing their way through my head, others are point in time reflections. I can't thank you enough for this experience, I'm honored that you did this. While were on the subject of gratitude, I can never thank you enough for the patience and acceptance you have shown me throughout our time together. 


The culmination of being locked and the excitement about our upcoming session really created an opportunity for my Dark Rider to come out in full force. You'll see below, some days were much more intense than others. For our upcoming session, no long winded script, whatever you glean from the entries below or whatever strikes your mood the day of... I'm game. 


Day 1 

Morning wood is not fun! I've been through it before while locked but now with the added layer of knowing my keys are miles away! Last night, I was beyond horny and kept thinking about the pictures Miranda shared with me from her recent photoshoot. 


Day 2

I woke up 30 mins ahead of my alarm, painfully straining in my cage and it took forever to go down. Need to use some lotion behind the ring before bed. 


Day 3

I gauged up both of my piercings right before locking up, my goal is to get both of them to a 00 and be able to use the rings for bondage points or other parts of play. The new jewelry I put in is stainless steel, highly conductive... 


Day 4

I feel like I'm 15 again. It was a beautiful afternoon and I was meeting a friend for dinner near Pitt/CMU. Walking from my car to the restaurant was absolute torture with all the college students enjoying the sun. I can't stop thinking about cumming. Like non-stop. I swear there is something in the water, college girls didn't look this good 15-20 years ago. This cage has given me complete monkey brain. 


Day 5

With this pressure and where I can only imagine I'll be in 9 days, can you give me either the absolute, most intense ruined orgasm or post orgasm torture assuming I even get unlocked - the surprise is the best part. Though 15 days in, a slight breeze may be able to make me cum. I want to cum so bad and have a constant reminder that I can't. 


Day 6

Like most weekend nights, the house was asleep and I found myself with some quiet time to play by myself. This usually entails drinking a few beers and reading or playing video games until late in the night - all while padded and plugged. This usually culminates in me using my wand and watching all variety of depraved porn. This weekend was no different aside from my wand, it sat there teasing me from the toy box. I struggled with justifying using it but in the end, figured it would not have been in the spirit of handing over my keys. 


Day 7

Went to my parents for dinner, as the baseball game could be heard on the tv from the other room, we sat down to dinner - my dad and I at opposing ends of the table. When driving over to their house, I was getting nervous about my situation but in the moment, completely lost track of it. Like usual, dinner was spent dispelling some boomer Facebook nonsense and I completely forgot about my situation. That is until my nephew launched a basketball that landed squarely on my bound nuts. Kid got a lesson in extended vocabulary lesson that day.. 


Day 8

Can you make my ass look like this? But even more so, really push the pain levels.  You made a parting shot at the end of last session that you forgot the pain play and would make up for it next time... just a friendly reminder. Nips too, fuck me up. Make me cry.


Day 9 

Confession time... Prior to last session, while I was getting ready in my hotel room, I edged my caged, diapered cock with my wand. I took the edge just a tad too far and had a unintentional (ruined) orgasm. I also arrived padded without being told to do so, when I went to disrobe, I quickly took it off and cleaned up before returning. After missing the point to arrive diapered in the session previously I was worried about this again and I think it through me off. In any case, I will not make any assumptions going forward and certainly won't be playing with my wand anytime soon! 


Day 10

When thinking about what being locked like this would entail, I didn't properly think through the trip that it would be not having my keys. Each morning when I wake, the realization of my situation hits me like a freight train. Beyond the physical torment, feelings of submission flow with much higher frequency.  Why do I love these feelings so much. It seems my brain has finally accepted my situation. I no longer think about cumming non-stop, instead am finding myself daydreaming of various ways to serve and submit. I keep coming back to situations where I'm given an impossible choice, a mildly lesser of two evils. Like in the last session when you let me cum on your foot but I had to lick it clean. Or situations where I'm ruthlessly teased in my cage with threats of not unlocking if I cum too soon. Whatever crazy scenario pops into Miranda's head... 


Day 11

I can only imagine how the details from one session to another start to blend together, I'm finding that happening with just my limited time with Miranda but there's one moment that I can't shake, one moment that will stay with me for a lifetime. Do you recall the last chapter I wrote from our session in December? We had just finished one part of the scene and were about to move on to something else. I left some of these details out of my story but you sensed I was a bit rocked, came in for a hug but it was more than that. You guided my breathing to match yours and just held me for a moment. This was by and large one of the most connected moments that I have ever shared with another. I don't know exactly what it was about that but I will forever cherish that brief connection. 


Day 12

When we were on the porch, you told me to remind you about the Black Magic Carl bondage and spreader bar...


Day 13

Wrapping this up a day early to give Miranda's admin some time to get it through her inbox...:) Thank you Miranda for this experience. Can't wait to see you tomorrow! 



March 24th, 2024

Hi, Miranda. I just wanted to thank you again for yesterday's session. As usual I was nervous and awkward, but (also as usual) you managed to bring me to that place where pain and pleasure are nicely balanced, where I find myself thinking, "I need this punishment to end, but maybe not just yet." Achieving that is an art, and you've mastered (mistressed?) it.


I look forward to seeing you again in April.




February 3, 2024

Hello Mistress Miranda.  I feel bad I didn’t communicate well.  I sensed that you were irritated with me, so I wanted to write this.  At the start of the session, I’m already excited and gooning… it’s not really a fair fight when you’re wearing thigh-high peep-toe stiletto boots.  After the session, my mind is mush … In fact I just try to make it home and not make any important decisions.  I can think better with time.

I really love our time together.  I like the way you talk.  I like that you have a thin filter between your thoughts and what you say.  You use your body very well throughout.  Your experience level and wisdom during the scene is orders of magnitude beyond what I’ve ever experienced in that you know what is going on and you know how to push but not break.  I really like you and want to sacrifice for you.

My hope is that you feel powerful during our session.  My mind is really pleased if you realize your dominance over me.  Actually, I don’t even need to cum during our session … which might seem odd to you.  I can assure you that I feel tingles every minute afterwards thinking about the activities and can cum just with those thoughts.  I kind of want you to put me in chastity next session to prove this. 

Some things that really blew me away during our last session (so you know how to better control me):

When you put your foot in my drink.  The inference is that I should only be allowed to eat or drink after food is altered with your divinity.  It is really about your power over me.

Old shoes, forced sniffing.  Great humiliation with worship.  I think if you taped the shoe on my face while performing other activities, I might have cummed without even being touched. 

You have lovely feet to lick up and down.  One of these sessions (probably when it gets warmer out) I’d love for you to get your feet caked in mud and have me clean them for an hour.  If I’m excited and I get them clean in 30 minutes, you’ll just have to get them dirty again.  lol   I’m in a trance licking your shoes or feet.  I suspect my tolerance for canning my ass would be dramatically improved in a session in which I’m licking shoes.

I love to take your trampling.  I view this as so dominate.  This is when the physiological “I’m beneath you” matches the physical.  I would love you to push even more.  Throat and head standing would seem to convey the proper power over me.  I would even love private pictures of this as a reminder.  I do dream of getting to the state when you climb on my back with your heels (like the boots you were wearing) and rock back standing mainly on the heels.  Even if you have to stuff my mouth to dampen the yelling.


Even though I’m a wuss, thank you for the ball kicking.  I’d like to be able to take more with time.  The view looking back at your boots was awesome.  Feel free to let out more energy by kicking my body or crushing my hands.  I love that you mixed in the boot worship with the statement “well that’s not good enough” before ballbusting… so bratty.  It’s hard for me to keep an erection during this type of play, but I can assure you that I get pleasure thinking about it days and days later.


I thought I did well taking your cock in my mouth when on the heel of your boot.  Again so dominate.  I’d like to get to the point when you can thrust it in deep.  I really like taking your foot deep in my mouth too. 

The face slapping was nice too.  I realize I’m the one that has this as a limit due to marks showing, giving away my secrets.  But I do really like it.

I really liked the photos you showed me.  I’m starting to think I would like more photos and videos of our sessions.  Re-living the sessions would be great.  I really like seeing the different angles (other than my POV in the session.  Lol).  It would be hard to see your shoes on my head, yet I would love to see it.  I of course will purchase videos from Clips4sale like a good subby.  Can you post a hood, package of mask/hood on your wish list that you would like me to wear?

I think I now realized something with the posterior play at the end of the session.  You were correct when you stated that my mind was being overwhelmed to the point that my cock wasn’t swelling.  Again, your experience really shows that you can recognize this.  Mentally I get more pleasure “having to take it” rather than the sensational pleasure if that makes sense.  So basically I would be honored if you strapped me down to the spanking bench and aggressively fucked me.  A decent size cock (like the one I was sucking) being violently pounded hips to ass would be the ultimate goal.


Toilet play is another great form of dominance in my mind.  So thank you very much for that.  It doesn’t even need to be direct.  In fact it seems even more cruel if you were to pee in a cup and make me drink it like it’s a casual thing.  One of my ultimate fantasies is to go to the mall with my Mistress visit the food court and have my Mistress take and an empty cup to the bathroom and fill it up.  Then join me in eating while she watches me drink.  Of course my food would be rubbed on the bottom of her shoe before eating too.


I feel that a lot of fantasies in my head do not translate well to a pro-dom session.  So I try to apply a filter when speaking … and sometimes thinking too long and not speaking.  You mentioned the contradiction of one of the most hated things from a Mistress is “topping from the bottom” yet it is important to communicate desires.  There is also “if it’s not on the list, then don’t ask” stipulation that keeps me quiet because I’d stupidly say something like “face dildo would be nice” … although maybe fucking your feet would probably be enough for me.

Ultimately, I would like to sacrifice myself to you because you are so specially dominate and superior to me that I need to be subjected to activities that prove this.  This is why sensation play doesn’t work as well mentally for me.  Being violently fucked is different than playfully sensationally penetrated for stimulation purposes.  I finally found my clips from C4S that I purchased from you some time ago.  One that I’m insanely jealous of is the 40 cane strokes taken to please you (I think it’s call “It hurts worst after cumming”).  You seem so happy that you got to do that, and you were so proud of your submissive willing to take it.  I would love to get to that level.

I’d like to take the pressure to perform anxiety away, so I’d like to ask for this for the next session.  Can you put me in chastity and just have me worship your shoes/boots/heels/feet while ignoring me the entire session (1hr)?  Might have to make sure your phone is charged up, or might want to lay down and take a nap.  Or perhaps make me jerk off and cum at the start so you can just go at it the remainer of the time beating me.  Again, I’m sorry if I made you frustrated.  I’m really dedicated to you.  You are special to me. 

Thank you for another wonderful time.


January 28, 2024

Hi Miranda,


My name is ----------. We met years ago at The Organ Grinder’s Ball at The House of Blues. I’ve had sessions with you and ----------. (We ate lunch afterward at David B’s.) I’ve also had sessions with you and ---------- and have enjoyed sessions with you alone. Hopefully that is enough to jog your memory and help you remember who I am.


Please forgive my English, grammar, and writing skills. I know that you have degrees along those lines, so go easy on me. (Haha)


I realize that I haven’t had a lot of sessions over the years, but for what it’s worth you are the only one I schedule sessions with. However, that is not why I am writing today.


I am writing today to say “Thank You.” I have been wanting to write this letter for a long time but I just keep putting it off, and now that I am finally doing it I am having a hard time putting what I mean to say into words. You have played an important part in my life even though my visits were few and far between and I think that sometimes we need to hear that what we are doing really matters.


I’m not talking about compliments like the ones in the reviews. The sessions are great and the things that go on are great, but I’m talking about changing people’s lives. The service that you provide, for some of us, goes much deeper than the events that take place during the session.


What you do in general has helped me cope with life situations that would have been much harder to live through without the opportunity to schedule a session and live a 2nd life for awhile. Not only have you helped me, but like a stone tossed into a lake, you have sent ripples of help to those around me that have no idea what you have done for them. For example, maybe I would have treated a friend or family member in a negative way if I hadn’t had a way to enjoy myself once in awhile.


I consider you a friend, even though I realize that I am just a customer to you. I’m OK with that. This is not a ploy to get you to reciprocate, or an “Oh poor me.” moment. Nothing of the sort actually. I’m just smart enough to know that business is business. You see a lot of people. I only see you. That’s just how it goes. Haha.


I’m just trying to give a little bit of what you gave to me, back to you. A chance to feel good inside. A chance to know that someone actually takes something away with them that is good, and life altering. I hope that I have done just that.


I hope that if there is anything that you are going through, or have went through in the past, that is difficult, this letter helps ease that part of your life. You are a good person from the little I know about you. I hope that you can live, love, and flourish in all that you do.


Take care.




January 25, 2024



I can't thank you enough for our time together yesterday. The session was absolutely incredible (yet again) but more importantly, all those small moments throughout the day further cementing you being an absolute sex witch. Your artistry in creating a sacred space for exploration and vulnerability was nothing short of extraordinary. The way you seamlessly blend your craft with an intuitive understanding of my needs made the encounter transcend the physical into the realm of the soul.


Thank you for being my guide on this journey, for providing a safe haven where I can surrender and be authentically present. Your ability to intertwine pleasure (and pain) with a profound sense of connection was both soul-stirring and liberating. As I reflect on our time together, I am filled with so much gratitude for all that you do. It was more than an exploration of desires; it was a voyage into the recesses of the soul, guided by your expertise and a shared understanding of the beauty in vulnerability.


I will forever cherish those moments post-session, I've hit sub-space countless times before but yesterday, that was on an entirely different level. Thank you for being navigating that with me. 


January 5, 2024

Hello Mistress Miranda,

I feel bad that I didn’t communicate at the end just how special the session was for me because I was still in my meta-sub universe.  I actually felt out-of-body like I was in a dream state expecting to wake up.  And I’m still not fully out of it, in that, the world looks simple and trivial right now.  I’ve never experienced that in my life. Your incredible skills took the session from a scene that I’ve always desired to euphoria that I didn’t realize was possible.  I appreciate your experience when working me and your patience right from the start.  You’re like a shaman spiritual guide to me.  I can’t imagine living my whole life without having this experience now.


Nov 18, 2023


The Confessional - Chapter 15 & 16



August 1, 2023

Dear Miranda, The reviews on your website were spot on….. you delivered a great session. So great that I requested an extension to two hours and you were able to accommodate that. First, please let me say that you have it all together, from your outstanding website to the directions you provided to get me to the Confessional to the layout and atmosphere in the Confessional to your appearance and your skills. You greeted me in a black latex corset, black boots and red lipstick. Seeing you in person was better than any of the photos on your website. Wow!!! I couldn’t have asked for more. At the beginning of the session, you reviewed my requests and answered any concerns to put me at ease. Then it was “game on.” You started with leather wrist and ankle restraints, securing me on my back, under a huge mirror on the ceiling. Then you climbed onto the table and proceeded to scratch every inch of my body. During all of this, your crotch was directly above my eyes. As if that weren’t enough, you lowered your crotch and buried it in my face, covering my mouth and nose. Devoid of breath, you pressed even harder into my face. I was at your mercy to be able to take a breath. Once able to breathe, you repeated the smothering over and over. I was in ecstasy, with just a thin layer of latex between my mouth and your “honey pot.” I thought I was in Heaven!!! We then moved to the red room, where you secured me to your spanking bench. As you brought in a handful of canes, a tawse and floggers, I knew I was in for it. You proceeded to inflict a number of horizontal welts on my ass that lasted for several days. It was obvious that you were experienced with each of the implements you used. Yes, I got the souvenirs that I requested. And you were enjoying the really hard strokes, laughing about the marks you were inflicting. You then connected my ass and cock to a number of different electrical devices and slowly turned up the juice until I was screaming with pleasure. The device in my ass was pulsing as if it was going in and out. You then moved me to the St. Andrews cross, getting me in position for cock torture. The flogger was unrelenting as you spun it in a high speed circular motion guiding it so that only the tip of the flogger hit the head of my cock, resulting in a lot of pre-cum flowing onto the floor. Then came a number of other implements including a crop and several slappers. You punished every inch of my cock, from the top of it to the very sensitive underside. From the smirk on your face, I could tell that you were enjoying every strike. We finished in the original room with me secured to the table on my back a you applied the Hitachi with an attachment that produced both intense vibration and stroking on my cock. I tried to finish, but all of the previous play rendered my body expended for the session. But oh, the memories that remain in my brain. Thanks, Miranda, for exceeding my expectations!!! Hugs,


July 18, 2023

Dear Miranda - i have neglected to follow-up on our two terrific sessions last month, but i wanted You to know that they are still causing my brain to sizzle!! i need to make sure that i don’t wait so long in between sessions with You!! And, i am already thinking about how wonderfully humiliating a session involving Your sister might be….. Finally, You said Your boyfriend was moving in with You, and i am hoping that it is turning out at least as good as You expect. he is one lucky man/boyfriend/slave/etc. Can’t wait until next time. Stay well. humbly,


July 16, 2023

Dear Mistress,  I want to drop a short note to say how much I enjoyed today’s first session.  Wow!  It exceeded all of my expectations.  You were terrific, light years beyond what I imagined and have previously experienced.  And, you are also one beautiful woman.  I have never been with anyone like you.  Fantastic! 


July 4, 2023



These notes can never truly capture my gratitude for you and the time we spend together. Like usual, you had expertly interpreted my manic writing and delivered a session that was beyond my wildest imagination. Yesterday marked 4 years since we first sessioned together and looking back on this journey, I can’t thank you enough for all that you do. Your patience, your guidance, and above all else, just you being you. I’m so thankful to have you in my life and for this friendship. It was about a year ago in one of these notes that I mentioned you make my heart cum too, a statement that is not only still true but even more so today. Thank you for your comment after the session about the time, I wish I could take a compliment better instead of making a joke but I’m pretty sure where you were going with it and it’s a very much shared sentiment. I was at an event at my kid’s school a few weeks ago, there was a storyteller there and he called various audience members on stage to play a part of the story. Naturally, I got selected to be the gorilla in the story and was tasked with making gorilla sounds at the right time. A few years ago, I would have been way too shy to get up on stage and complete this task yet in this moment, I was the most hilarious, animated gorilla the world has ever seen. I would have never had this kind of confidence if it weren’t for you showing how to be comfortable with myself. I know this is a weird crossover of worlds but this moment really stuck with me and I owe so much of it to you, getting me to a place where I’m comfortable with my whole self. Lastly, what was the name of that book? Rebecca’s list or something like that about the wrongfully convicted murders? We were talking about how people’s memories can be altered or completely fabricated. As always, thank you so much! 



June 5, 2023


I wanted to express my gratitude for the time we spent together yesterday. Your professionalism, patience, and skill made it an unforgettable first session. I cannot imagine it being any better. The ambiance of your dungeon was absolutely amazing, and you, Miranda, were truly stunning.

I must admit, I had high expectations going into our session, but you managed to exceed every single one of them. The way you steadily increased the intensity throughout our time together was exhilarating. It was a journey of pleasure that I will cherish for a long time.

I am already eagerly looking forward to scheduling another session with you. However, I believe it is important for me to take some time to reflect on what I want to experience and explore next. I value your expertise and input, and I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or recommendations you may have for our future sessions.

With sincere appreciation,




May 16, 2023

Mistress Miranda,


Thank you so much for my amazing experience on May 3rd. I had an out of body experience that I never thought I would have!! I hope you will have me back to experience new ideas.

I have couple in mind! 


Thanks again for being so awesome!



Sissy Tiffany




September 17, 2023

Reddit Review "Chapter 14:  The Confessional"



June 15, 2023

Reddit Review "Chapter 13:  The Confessional"



April 20, 2023

I’ve been seeing pro Dommes for over 30 years and have found some really good ones over the years, so the bar is set high. Last fall, my regular Domme of over 10 years put her activities on hold and I went in search of a replacement.  I had seen Mistress Miranda’s website over the years.  At first, I thought her to be a bit intimidating for someone who prefers a more sensuous and light-hearted session, but after reading her FAQs I decided to fill out her application/questionnaire. 


She responded quickly that we might be a good match and invited me to call her for an in-depth conversation. That conversation led to me scheduling our first session. I’ve recently completed our third session and I’m here to tell you that Ms. Miranda is the real deal. 


Her pictures are accurate. She’s a mature, presumably 40-something lady who has aged well. Her two-room playspace is amazing with a huge selection of restraints, floggers, and insertables. Each session starts with a brief peer-to-peer conversation about our previous session and expectation for the present one before we morph into our roles. At the end, she teases with something to expect for our next encounter. She’s not a clock-watcher.  She communicates well during the session, making sure I’m OK and respects all limits. She’ll push your limits a bit but won’t hesitate to back off if you’re experiencing “bad” pain or discomfort.  I have some back issues and she works around those perfectly. 


A good pegging is like a musical performance. You can’t just step up to a piano and start pounding on the keys.  Ms. Miranda is a virtuoso. She knows how to warm up and when to hit the crescendo. She pays attention to feedback, both verbal and non-verbal and seems to know which of my buttons to push. She’s intelligent and has a good sense of humor.  The best part, however is that unless she’s an Oscar-quality actress, she genuinely enjoys what she’s doing.


I’ll definitely be back, and if you’re looking for your first Pro Domme experience or looking for a new play partner, I strongly recommend you reach out to Mistress Miranda. 


April 5, 2023



As always, thank you so much for our session yesterday. You have once again rocked my world, in so many ways. I can't tell you how much I appreciate everything you do, from the obvious acts in scene to those small details that make this so magical. I hope these words don't start lose their substance, it feels like I write something similar each time we get together but these post session notes are some of the most sincere words I ever string together. You are seriously one of the most special people I have ever met. And thanks for checking in this morning. Nothing like sitting in a work meeting and getting a text checking on the health of my dick.... woke me up faster than my coffee.


April 13, 2023

Mistress -


Good Morning. My last (and first) session on March 19 was truly unbelievable.  I am still in awe thinking of it. When I walked in, you were so beautiful that I was speechless.  I cant recall if I ever fully expressed my thanks for the opportunity to serve you.


For our next session, can we incorporate mild clamps on my nipples, cock and balls?  When you pinched my nipples it was pure ecstasy.  And when you flicked at my "boy Clit" and sack I was inwardly begging for more.


Also, that was my first golden shower. Oh My God... an experience I will never forget.  You standing over me was something I dreamed of  for years but assumed would never be fulfilled.  For our next session would you consider standing over my face so I can visualize your sweetness pouring down on me?


Of course you also provided my first pegging.  I cant imagine it could be any better!


I wasn't sure if I had the "balls" to write you , but honestly I couldnt wait to let you know how wonderful the session had been.  I hope to text you soon regarding scheduling our next session.  


Your Servant


January 25, 2023

Reddit Review "Chapter 11:  The Confessional"




December 21, 2022

Reddit Review "Chapter 10:  The Confessional"




October 30, 2022

Reddit Review "Chapter 9:  The Confessional"


Sep 22, 2022

Ms. Miranda,


Just wanted to say thank you!  While the time went by too quickly, I could not have asked for a better time with a funny, sweet, and beautiful woman.  It was enjoyable and memorable!  Hopefully I get back this way in the near future.


Take care,



Sep 1, 2022



I don’t know how it’s possible but you get more breathtaking each time I see you. If my math is correct, that was our 8th session and once again, you have completely rocked my world. Each session is a journey into a new land of sensations. I feel like I’ve said something along these lines countless times before, I had a fantasy in mind yet you have this magnanimous ability to cultivate that into an earth shattering experience. Words can’t express my gratitude for the places you have taken me. 


The time in the red room was more than I could have ever asked for, feeling your cock wiggle inside me as you were giggling at something or other… my predicament, the spanking, it was all spot on. As I sat in meetings today with 25 executives, I smiled to myself as I still felt the residual burn from your swats. I absolutely adore this secret that we share. And it goes without saying, #MirandaismyDJ… Ti esrever dna ti pilf, nwod gniht ym tup. :)


What came next…. I’m at a complete loss for what you did to me. Between the sound and the wand, mixed with your mischievous teasing, it was such a cerebral experience. I had no idea my body was capable of that. It’s once again quite clear, I’m only on chapter one of what is clearly the novel you’ve penned. My mind is still in a state of total bewilderment, over 24 hours later!!


Thank you so much,



Aug 10, 2022

Dear Miranda,


I want to begin by apologizing! I had thought I sent you an email shortly after our session and I just now realized it has been sitting in my draft emails.


I truly appreciate all of the time you spent helping me discover my likes/dislikes and maybe even some dirty little secrets I never even knew existed. I still don't know how you were able to be so patient, funny, sadistic and comforting throughout our time together but you clearly know what you are doing. I am sure it is never easy with a newer client like me with little experience. While I thought I would be able to verbally convey what I was looking for, I quickly discovered that it is impossible to know what those desires truly are until you are strapped to a wall or a table and forced to look into your beautiful and, at the same time, terrifying eyes all the while not knowing what you would do to me next. I still think about our session on a daily basis!


I hope to have the opportunity to meet with you again and continue on this journey of self-exploration and fun!


Jul 26, 2022



I can't thank you enough for our time together last night! I've spent all day trying to find the words to describe just how much I enjoyed every little thing that happened...the session blew all my expectations out of the water and 24 hours later I'm still internally gushing over the events. Even beyond the actions themselves and how perfectly they played out, I felt like I genuinely discovered new things about myself and confirmed a few things I already suspected. I feel so deeply happy and satisfied...with a new and unexpected confidence in myself and my sexual interests.


It wasn't until I got into my car and started driving that I realized just how late it was...I'm so so SO grateful for all the extra time you spent with me before and after the scheduled hour. Your kind words during our conversation together, the way you held me and stroked my hair, the hug before I walked out the door that I desperately wanted but was too shy to ask didn't have to do any of it, but it all meant the world to me. I spent the rest of that night wearing the stockings you gave me, and thinking about all the things you said and did to me.


One last time, THANK YOU. I can't convey more than this small fraction of what I'm experiencing, but I had to make sure you knew how much I appreciate your extra effort, and to tell you that last night felt life-changing. You couldn't have done a better job.


Until next time!


Jul 16, 2022

Mistress Miranda,


Thank you so much for that shockingly good session earlier this week.  Very innovative CBT and hard use of you anal slut!  Awesome, just awesome.




Jul 15, 2022

Mistress M,


 It was sooooo good seeing you again… Worshiping you again. The Confessional is a magical place! I don’t know if it’s the red lighting or assortment of playthings, but it conjures up my deepest, darkest desires and you ALWAYS satisfy them beyond my filthy imagination! While I thought I’d been “hate fucked” before, I have NEVER experienced the lovingly brutal penetration that you so expertly delivered in our session! How do you do that? You are such a sweet, intelligent and beautiful woman that immediately disarms me, only to flip a switch and transform into the face slapping/fucking, nipple torturing, asshole wrecking Goddess of my wet dreams! You’re so devilishly creative and you always expose me to something new and unexpected! 


I requested a harder session than our previous ones and wanted to be trained to be your sissy sub slut. Goddamn, did you ever bring it! My nipples are still tender from your multiple, simultaneous clamps! You let me choose a big rubber cock to suck, then jammed it down my throat, with the electric butt plug pulsing hard in my ass. That was an especially exciting ‘beginning’, all the while whispering in my ear what harder and bigger thrills await me! So fucking HOT! My asspussy was so ready for it and you did not disappoint! 


Speaking of harder and bigger, was that Hankey toy everything that I told you it would be? I loved the look on your face when you strapped it on and felt the girth and length of that thing. It’s not for the faint of heart. Thank you for the ‘warm up’ dildos, which were not small by any measure, but absolutely necessary before I took on that monster Cutler X! (Nice pic, by the way!) I can’t believe you literally stuffed all 13 inches of that massive dildo in me...balls deep, hard and fast, yanking on my leash and collar while you pounded me doggy style on the bench. My pre-cum dribbled down my legs as you WRECKED my gaping butthole.  It felt like you were tickling my tonsils, you were so far up my ass. 😂 My legs are shaking now just thinking about it! 

At this point, my head is spinning and I’m really struggling to stand. But being the generous Domme that you are, this session isn’t over yet! You walk me back to the table, order me onto my back and slid my dripping cock into a pump! FUUUCK! I’m ready to lose my shit by now but then you proceeded to FIST ME, twisting and thrusting your knuckles into me deeply while the machine sucked and stroked my aching black cock! Spread-eagled and writhing on the table now, I’m pleading with you to let me cum! With that wickedly sexy smile, you order me to cum, increasing the speed on the sucking machine and pounding my sloppy hole with your gloved fist until I finally blasted off into the tube...which of course, you graciously poured onto my waiting tongue! 

All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW!!!


Hate fuck? More like LOVE fuck!! You are fucking amazing and I’m so grateful to know you and to crave you! Thank you for another incredible visit to the Confessional!




Jul 14, 2022


Good Goddamn! I had spent the past 10 months since our last session dreaming about what our next would look like, I had an idea but like always, you took that idea and made it materialize into something I didn't even know I wanted. For those brief 2 hours in Akron, OH, I might as well have been on another planet. Even though I've been to the confessional 7 times, I was still physically shaking as I walked in. Within moments, you completely put me at ease and the world around me melted away. 


Thank you for you everything you do, if only more people visited the confessional, the world would be a much better place. Plus, where else can you feel totally at ease naked, covered in cum, lube, piss and spit coming down from an incredible session while talking about life. As I'm coming up on 3 years of sessions, I can't believe there was a world where I didn't know Miranda. 


Next time, please don't let me chicken out on some of my "asks", post nut clarity is a bitch! 


Forever grateful, 


Jun 3, 2022


Hello Miss M. 


 I hope you are having a great start to the summer! It has been difficult to find time in my crazy schedule to write you about our last session. But I assure you that  I have not forgotten our wonderful time together. Let me say again how incredibly hot you are! The sheer top and sexy shorts you were wearing really drove me crazy, especially when you accessorize the outfit with your harness and dildo! Lol

 It was unfortunate that my initial questionnaire was misplaced (probably due to my change of email...I’ve since submitted another) but being the pro you are, you managed to check off just about every box on my wish list! 

Thanks for letting me borrow the crotchless fishnets and slip to fit the feminization theme of our session. I felt sexy and “pretty” as you invited me to lay across your lap for a spanking and I always appreciate the gentle fingers up my ass to get warmed up for bigger pleasures to come! One of my fantasies fulfilled during the session was to kneel before you and sucking your cock. While I’ve had a couple of real dicks in my mouth before, I LOVE she males and have always wanted to be face fucked while looking up at your gorgeous breasts! You even complimented my deep throat skills and rewarded me with a few short minutes  to worship your bare ass! Damn, I wanted sooooo badly to be smothered by your ass cheeks and sweet lips, but just the scent and heat from your body was an incredible turn on! Thank you, Mistress.

Unlike our first session last fall, you chose not to bind my wrists and ankles. I’m not sure which I prefer more, because I really enjoyed being wrecked in the swing. But being on all fours on the bench was fucking amazing, as I could feel every inch of your long cock buried deep inside of me! I wasn’t going anywhere, constraints or not! I would’ve been perfectly content to cum right then and there as you pounded my ass over and over!

But you were not done with me! One of the things I so appreciate about you is your generosity and creativity! You led me back to the Confessional for even more fun! There I lay, spread-eagled on the table, where you proceeded to torture my erect nipples (Loved it!) before climbing between my legs to bury your cock to the hilt again! It was heaven watching myself getting fucked hard in the mirrored ceiling while tugging on my tender nipples! I felt like a real slut being used and abused like I craved. When you whipped out the Hitachi and touched my cock, I came almost immediately. In fact, I came twice in a matter of minutes! I disappointed myself because I didn’t want to waist my spunk in my panties...I wanted you to catch it all in your palm and feed it to me! But I have zero complaints, as I don’t ever recall cumming in quick succession like that before!

I’m hoping to return to the Confessional sometime in July but I will check your availability. In the meantime, I still want to send you my monster Mr. Hankey dildo that hopefully we can use in future sessions. It’s pre-drilled to accommodate a vaccu-lock harness but if you don’t have one, I’ll find a harness that can handle the girth of this monster. I can’t wait to see and feel what you can do with it! 

Until the next time, take good care and I’ll be thinking about what we can do to level up!


May 17, 2022

Hi Miranda,

No elaborate scenarios or draw-and-quarter horses needed, but I thought I would send some notes ahead to save time on the 21st.

I'm curious to see what your electric wands feel like, just as a quick experiment.

Restraint - I think you found my shoulder flexibility to come up a little short on the cross, so I would like to maybe explore/measure that (probably before I get too loopy).

I would like to try some ass worship.

Pegging - Instead of diving in over my head, I may need to pace myself and request positions I function better in. My butt seems to prefer things 1.5" diameter or less.

I loved all the corporal, really loved being over your knee, and all the times you affectionately manhandled me. One time you had me on all fours, put your hand on my face, and pulled my head back, and I melted into subspace. (My favorite session memories are that and your crazy giggling.)

Nipples - When I got home last year, my nipples were totally wrecked - raw, tender, sore, and scabbed for several days. I would love for you to do that again AND teach me how to do it. (And maybe put pics on your Twitter, if it's interesting enough and we can leave out my identifying marks.)

I'll confirm Friday evening once I'm checked in to my hotel.

Have a good week!



Jan 17, 2022   

Hello M ,


       Would like to communicate my experience with you last week . I’ll just try walk you thru my thoughts in order.


       So you started with the hood and said something about not seeing my face gave you less empathy for me . Well that’s one way to set a tone,  I loved it .

        Then as you directed me to other room and casually bent over in front me to pick up a bowl of toys and I seen your great shiny ass in that outfit and was instantly ready to submit.

         Once bound those gloves where a prickly sensuous yet painful anticipation of what to come. When you told me look at the pile of whips I was about to endure I kind of overlooked true meaning this later meant. Again like the mask it suggest to focus on the moment more . I was trying to beat the pain instead of focusing on it ( the only thing that’s real 😀 NIN ) . The back beating , newer for me was enjoyable I liked it . Then once I got the right viewpoint of me fucking your thumb in the mirror plus a little help with everyone’s best friend hitachi I started feeling nice and slutty. Then I thanked you for biting my nipples before we moved into other room. I LUV my nipples being bitten , I like biting them too. 

         When you crawled on top of me with that strap on and began fucking my face then said “I’ll take that as consent “ I woulda laughed if I didn’t have a cock in my mouth. So I do think you are funny 😂 as you asked on your twitter . Once I got in more comfortable position WOW what a great pegging.Don’t know if I said anything but I was begging for your cock in my head . Then you pull on my nipple clamps and directed me to jerk like I do when I’m looking at your website brilliant . I must thank you for allowing me to cum mistress , and should probably be punished for getting cum on you.

Afterwards said something about being properly fucked and again reminded me to focus on that moment and boy had I been properly fucked, 

        So after shower I talked about bring extremist and pushing things which I am definitely open to . After further reflection anything more would have been like putting a hat on a hat . I was just being a greedy little slut wanting more , my dark rider can be a wreck less driver sometimes. You said that was a great session and I have to agree. 

       Finally I found a nice little red circle dot on head of my cock that stayed for 5 days . Thank you for this mark to remind of this session for days to come ,and sore sensitive nipples for a day . 

       Yes I did get great night sleep that night 😴


Jan 2, 2022

Hello M,


      I would like to thank you first of all for a great first experience at the confessional . I try not to assume , but the thoroughness and time you put into your craft is greatly appreciated and noticeable I hope to return the favor as your slave .

      I don’t believe I gave much insight on the experience after the session , but was overwhelmed in a good way. Now I would like to share some of what’s been bouncing around my head since then. I would like to be as transparent as possible please ask any questions if you like .

       The session:

     When you said “ that’s the look I was looking for” after finally getting a reaction and that smiley mischievous grin eye to eye what a great start ! 

      I don’t know if laughter and smiling is common with you , but I know I have never done that much before during a session. I suppose the deprived masochist was so happy to be let out of its cage just exploded with laughter and joy . I also suspect if we both on Prozac a lot serotonin in the air.  

       I did like the electric play , just seems like way it effects muscles you truly have no control and it’s a reaction that is genuine .

       Even though I was blindfolded I enjoyed the body to body contact , maybe even more so with my imagination.

        Spanking was good ( I’ve been a bad boy anyway ) maybe little more warm up , and unfortunately the marks disappeared quickly .

        Predicament bondage was very exciting even surprised myself a bit , I feel you where about to do something else , but changed your mind . I trust your judgement and if you where maybe another time.

        Of coarse I didn’t “finish” at the end maybe that’s why I didn’t have much to say you know how dumb us men get when we are all excited full of cum.That’s fine either way not like I’ve never experienced frustration before .


Nov 22, 2021

I saw you last Saturday it was the best experience I've ever had. We did role play I was a bondage salesman and the scene went from there. I was showing you my wares and you said I should try them on you. Before I knew it I had lost all control. When you strung up my legs from the table I knew I was in trouble.


When you put that butt plug in with the TENS unit and turn it on oh my God I never experiencing anything like that in my life. Then you said there's more to come you put the TENS unit pads on my penis. You also gaged me and blindfold me. When you turned the juice on  my penis I went insane I've never experienced anything like that in my life. I was so worked up I would have done anything you asked me to even suck your boyfriend's cock if you wanted me to. Then when you put the massager on me  made me come I was going crazy at this point.


I never experienced anything like this in my life I cannot wait to session with you again.




October 22, 2021

Miss M,


 It was such a pleasure to finally meet you. I felt compelled to write a “review” of our first, (but certainly not our last) session together. 


 First and foremost, you are stunningly gorgeous! I really meant it when I said that your pictures don’t do you justice. As my first visit to a professional dungeon (or confessional)  I was impressed and somewhat overwhelmed by the variety of fun play things at my disposal. I will be more prepared to make my wishes known the next time we play. 


 One of the most enjoyable parts of the session was simply watching you, and your crazy sexy attire, sitting between my legs while you put on the various restraints. The scent of your perfume, the heat from your amazing body, it was an incredible turn on! So sweet, yet so naughty...and those eyes!!!


 Thank you for suggesting the swing! Again, it was incredibly erotic and exciting being attached to the apparatus, anticipating what was to come next!  Once I was securely and comfortably strapped in, you were kind enough to use your fingers and small plug to loosen me up. You’d mentioned a mouth gag during our introduction, but somehow it never made it to the party. I thought maybe you had plans to fuck my face. That being said, I was really, really excited  to try the tens unit for the first time. It’s hard to describe the feeling of the electricity in my ass and in my cock. Amazing! 


 For the main event, I must say that the site of you wearing a big cock was super sexy! And you certainly are very skilled at finding my prostate!  Damn, you sure know how to use that cock! As a self-described size queen, I will say that I couldn’t get enough of your cock in me. It felt soooooo good buried balls deep in me while you nestled those beautiful breasts on my chest!  If I were to have one critique, it would be that we need bigger, badder toys to play with the next time we’re together. Since I was traveling to you, I could not bring my own massive dildos with me...TSA and all. But I need you to wreck my hole! Perhaps I will send you a gift, a brutal dildo or Mr. Hankey to add to your collection. My fav is Cutler X...13” and super thick! You’ll see...


Once again,  thanks for an incredible session! You are an amazing dominatrix and a special human being. I cannot wait to get back to your happy place for more!




August 31st, 2021



Looking back at my schedule before the trip and my weight after, I realize I came to you in terrible shape.  No wonder I couldn't keep up!  I enjoyed it all anyway - even watching you have fun with me was fun.  Again I thank you for your patience, and I will be stingy with my time and energy in the days before my next visit.


I must correct an etiquette error.  How ungentlemanly that I neglected to mention how beautiful you are, from your eyes to the special treats you shared.  In my defense, your appearance is overshadowed by your overwhelming warmth.  I doubt these words would be welcomed by the self-serious dommes you share website listings with, but you are definitely the sweetest, kindest, most adorable dominatrix I could have found.


Thank you so much for indulging me in shop/hobby talk and education (and for the technique secrets I stole from you!).  My Dark Rider wrote checks my ass couldn't cash, but I learned a lot about BDSM, my limits, and myself.  I look back on the session like a psychedelic experience.  I felt a little out of my body sometimes, and I came back with an unexpected level of insight, healing, and transformation.


Your dominant but affectionate manhandling made me absolutely MELT.  I could mention plenty of other things and their effects on me...but I'll save some confessions for The Confessional.  For a future session, I will send a request email of "oh my god more of that please" things from last time and a couple of things I need to adjust my approach to.


One thing I do need to specifically call out.  At one moment, you were in my face giggling, and I wasn't sure how to respond to your energy.  Something told me I could just giggle too, and it felt wonderful.  Despite how tense I seem, I do laugh plenty.  But since returning, I've been able to giggle like a little kid when I'm in the right mood.  I cannot ever adequately thank you for such a priceless gift.


August 27th, 2021


I want to thank you so much for your time with me today.  If I had a bigger vocabulary, I could probably come up something a little better than it was fantastic because that's understating how great it was.


Just before I was ready to leave today, I got your email to lock up.  That was so hot, I instantly got hard and had to figure out how to get myself stuffed into that little cage and get out the door so I wouldn't be late.  Somehow, I managed and then spent the drive caged and horny with my mind running wild.  The anticipation was delightfully brutal 🙂


When I arrived, I was kind of nervous since it's been a while since I've seen you (ok, I was really nervous).  You looked beautiful and sexy and quickly put me at ease.  You always make me feel comfortable and relaxed.


I really enjoyed being caged, kneeling in front of you.  It made me feel super submissive and helpless.  It wasn't very long before I started slipping into sub-space as you teased me and the cage got smaller and smaller.  Then, as you were strapping me down to the bench, tighter and tighter, I really started to get into it.  I felt so vulnerable and exposed strapped to the bench with my ass spread wide just waiting.  I could feel the breeze blow across my exposed ass while I waited to see what would happen next.


Oddly enough, I think one of my favorite moments was when we were just chatting, having a smoke.  At some point it occurred to me that I was standing there, naked and caged in front of such a sexy woman having a casual conversation.  That was so erotic.  It made me feel like such a submissive slut too.  By far, the most interesting cigarette I've ever had, lol.


I'd like to say a special thank you for giving me the privilege or worshiping your ass.  That was unexpected and amazing.  Kneeling and caged with your amazing sexy butt in my face was so incredible.  I strained so hard against my cage it started to ach but I didn't want to stop.  


I really enjoyed the swing.  It's a comfortable position and I could spend hours in it (probably).  The position really exposed me so you could carry out your handy work.  Being stretched out and plugged was great.  I really, really enjoyed when you used, what I'm guessing was, a wartenburg wheel.  Omg, that was so erotic.  When you ran it over my nipples, the sensation lasted for several seconds.  It was amazing as you ran it up and down me.  I've never thought much of those things but the sensations you created with it drove me crazy... wow.


Every moment was spectacular.  It really hit on all my fetishes.  It's certainly a session I'll remember for a while.  I really appreciate the time and thoughtfulness you put into planning and clean up.  You are the best!  Thank you so much!


See you again soon,




This was my first time visiting Mistress Miranda.  I have had sessions before with Ladies who said they were Doms, but now I know what a real Dom is. When I stepped in the dungeon I was in Awe of the place. The equipment was more then I ever could have dreamed of. 


She bound me to the table and cut my clothes off. Miranda did fantastic things to me, to many to list here. Then we went to the next room and I was bound again to the spanking bench and gagged and made to watch while she put on a strap on and had her way with me.


By that time I was pretty well spent, but still there was more to cum. I was tied spread eagle standing up and she had her way with me again.


Then it was time to go home. She is the best and I plan on seeing her a lot more times. MIRANDA IS WELL WORTH SEEING.




Good Afternoon Miranda!  I would like to say thank you again!  First you were very sweet and understanding how nervous I was since this was my first time.  I was definitely putty in your hands within minutes.  You are a complete professional and were un rushed and relaxing (except for the fact that I was restrained completely).  You definitely are good at what you do!  For my first pegging you have me wanting more.  I’m tingling every time I think about how you were manhandling me.  So delicious and wicked!  Thank you!


I will be coming back for more!






We just wanted to say thanks for renting your studio to us. You have a great facility and an amazing collection of... well... everything. We had a wonderful time and are looking to find a date we can rent again in April (and likely monthly!). I hope we left everything in good shape/easy to clean.


Thank you,



In 1971 Led-Zeppelin recorded Stairway to Heaven, how ironic that in 2021 I walked down the Stairway to Heaven. While it’s been longer than I would have liked between visits with Mistress Miranda, the moment I walked in and saw her the feeling was if I just saw her yesterday! Never has God created a masterpiece of beauty such as Mistress Miranda.


To understand the elegance of Mistress, you first must understand the true meaning of submission. Understanding the last thing you are in control of is the closing of the door behind you. True submission is willingly giving up control, freedom of choice, desire, wants, needs, you hand all of that and more to Mistress, it’s her desires that pleasure you, not yours that please her.

I drove over 4 hours to spend 6 hours with her over two days the time seemed like moments not hours. Many memorable moments occurred during each day but I would love to share three from each day.


Day 1 Mistress did me like a porn queen with her beautiful strap on- including the large Horse Cock! She then introduced me to the PES unit with the large plug, OMG what an amazing feeling! This was not something I had done before but understanding what a true submissive is, you willingly place your body at the disposal of Mistress. Lastly, I received her hand like a good toy and to have her whisper in your ear she is going to get a little kinky now was so erotic. The kink came when Mistress started to explore deeper with that hand, AMAZING! At the conclusion, Mistress placed her ink on me saying “this butthole had my fist in it” MMR.


Day 2, Upon entering Heaven, Mistress greeted me with her usual beautiful smile, and an extremely large blk strap on laying on the table, approximately 13x7. However, before she took me, she introduced me to internal and external milking at the same time. The feeling of my body going limp was extremely intense, Mistress asked me to say when I had enough, as a submissive it’s not when I have enough it’s when she decides I have had enough! Being left with almost complete drainage of energy left me completely incapable almost even the most basic movement! The second act of this drama sees her sub bent over and introduced to the entire length of that black monster which again left me incapable of basic movement but completely satisfied and relaxed at the same time. For the crescendo, the insertion of one of her beautiful feet in me solidified my understanding that I am completely hers anytime she desires. A post script was added to my previous days ink stating that I also took her foot.


No matter your experience, a visit with Mistress Miranda is a walk on the Stairway to Heaven. Mistress Miranda I am committed to you, my sole desire is to always please you and in all ways.


If you have a desire to see a Mistress, Miranda is the one and only to see. Do not disrespect any Mistress, you must understand again the last act you control is shutting the door behind you. After that, your sole purpose is to see that Mistress is made happy, if she decides she wants to go deeper than before, or wider than before, you should always say Thank You Mistress.


Mistress Miranda, thank you for making me and taking me as your sub! Until next time!




Mistress Miranda -


Our last session was just over a week ago, but i'm still remembering and "reliving" it in my mind...constantly!


This was only my second session with You, but You were able to take my loosely formed pre-session thoughts and shape a delicious 90-minute experience that left me reeling. As a "newbie", one of the things that has always impressed me about You is Your attention to detail -- whether it's on Your website, in Your communications, or (most importantly) in a session. You definitely managed the details last Tuesday, Mistress Miranda, and You were prepared to use me in ways i hadn't even considered. 


i love how genuine You are with all of this, Mistress Miranda. There's no question that You're in control, but You also make it clear that safety is the priority. That allows me to trust and "explore" as You lead the way.

i already can't wait for our next session, Mistress...Thank You!!!




Thanks for the awesome session last night! I wanted to write a review. Here goes:


Having had a huge interest in femdom and bdsm for the past 15 years, I've never been able to find anyone I can share my fantasies without being looked at as some kind of pervert.  After extensive porn watching and internet research, I finally found going to a dominatrix was a real thing and mistress Miranda Rider came up in my Google searches. Immediately, I decided to contact her.


Her questionnaire was extensive and really let me describe exactly what I wanted. I can say she knew my limits better than I did. You might think you want a level 10 paddling when you really can only handle a level 3. What you watch in porn videos is much more intense than it looks and she was very knowledgeable of this fact.  


In my most recent session, she tied me securely up to her CBT chair at my hands, ankles, legs, chest, and a collar around my neck. Blindfold and a ball gag in my mouth. She tried a spiked kali's teeth cock ring which was at my request. However, seeing that I couldn't take that pain too well, she switched it up and stuck my cock into a milking machine instead. That baby got me to an orgasm and just kept going and going until I orgasmed again. All the while, she was laughing and teasing me. I'm still reveling from this experience a day later. 


Overall, you just gotta be open with her. She will listen to any fetish you have without being judgemental. Do you want to be whipped and paddled? She'll do it. Do you want to have your cock and balls tortured? She'll do it. Do you want to dress up in women's clothing, put on makeup, and have your ass pegged? She'll do it.  Don't hesitate any longer, fill out that questionnaire. You won't regret it. 




Mistress Miranda is nothing short of a virtuoso at her art; and, it has been an honor, privilege, and true blessing to share in her some of her masterpieces.  

Like Mozart and Bach, Mistress Miranda inately senses and feels that which the rest of the world—you and I—cannot even fathom at our most enlightened state. As if premiering her latest symphony, she masterfully weaves together exactly the right combination of...


...her extensive knowledge of BDSM (a lifetime‘s worth); 


...the varied and exhaustive amounts of gear she can employ with precise skill (pushing you as far as you’ll let her, but never more);


...the seductiveness of her beauty (both inside and out); 


...her unforgettable voice (from comforting to coercive and all connotations between); unparalleled wit and intellect (woe to those who think they are smart enough to keep up); 


...and the her genuine care, kindness, and professionalism (truly a special, special person regardless of profession). 


The Confessional is her Carnegie Hall. Your body, mind, and soul will come alive in the midst of her enveloping melodies and harmonies. Without knowing exactly when, suddenly you will begin to realize that you’ve risen from your front-row seat and that you are dancing in ways you’ve never before experienced—in ways you never before imagined you could experience.  Leave your expectations and preconceived notions at the coat check and enter the sanctuary auditorium

knowing they will be exceeded—regardless of your past play, be it extensive or none. 


Personally, Mistress Miranda has taken me through the first acts of an indescribable symphony 20+ years in the making. Like the world’s best medical specialists, she diagnosed and healed my traumatic wounds—physical, mental, and emotional cancers caused by misgivings and misdeeds at the hands of other so-called “pro-dommes.”  While I did not realize it then, she knew—given my past and how I’m wired as a person—that I would require (a lot of) extra patience, grace, and attention compared to other subs. And yet she still continues to accept me, going above and beyond any reasonable professional expectations— simply because that’s who she is. 


I have not mastered the English language enough to communicate my gratitude and praise for Mistress Miranda. Frankly, I believe Mistress Miranda transcends language itself. 


The lights are now dimming. The performance is about to begin. A ticket with your name on it is waiting at roll call. Come and experience Mistress Miranda as she crafts a personal masterpiece with you as its medium. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. 






I had never been to a professional dominatrix and had only experienced a few and far in between activities in my past relationships.  I was pretty nervous making the call when I felt I was ready to book my first session. Although I did make some notes before that initial call Miranda was very pleasant to talk to. She was easy to talk to and just open up about what my hopes and expectations of the session would be. When I arrived for my session I felt very welcomed to her studio. During the session I could sense that she really cared about my expectations being met, yet she ran the session. At the end of the session we had some time to relax and talk a little bit about the session and what things might work out in future sessions. I was very pleased with the entire experience and am looking forward to exploring expanding boundaries further with Mistress Miranda. 




My interest in Femdom started many many years ago, first thru magazines then later now thru phone sex. But to actually have a live session with a Dominatrix I never had the nerve to do, or at least till I came across Mistress Miranda. When I came across her website I began looking thru her gallery of photos and was instantly drawn to her Unbelievable Beauty. It was like a spell was cast on me. I spent hours everyday exploring her site and masturbating. Reading and taking in all there was to know about her and the services she provides. I truly loved reading her Bio. As the days wore on and as nervous as I was I finally got up the guts to contact her. I Filled out the questionnaire and we set up a date and time. When I arrived I was actually shaking with excitement and probably fear of the unknown. Upon entering I saw her for the first time that’s when I realized how Beautiful she truly was. I was having a difficult time believing I was in the presence of such amazing Beauty. After introduction and being the professional that she is helped me to settle down and relax and we then had an Unbelievable first session. So I say to anyone out there who has been considering this to just go for it, won’t believe what you’ve been missing! 


on almost every site.



Hello Mistress Rider! 


I stumbled across your website and wanted to send you a thank you. When I first contacted you I was straight out of high school in 2004 and had a bunch of questions. There weren't nearly as many resources available as there are now. Any who I remember you answering my questions and just being very nice. Im sure you get a million calls and text and messages but you should know that small gesture meant a bunch. Not that I would expect you to remember but thanks for putting good vibes out there. I hope they come back to you 100fold :) 


All the best, 




My session with Mistress Miranda was nothing short of perfection.  She was extremely approachable and put me at ease.  I was quite nervous because I really haven't done anything like this before.  She disarmed me almost momentarily.   I felt safe and secure, even when chained and bound.  I could tell when she was pegging me that she also enjoyed the experience just as much as I did (although I cannot imagine anyone enjoying it as much as I did.)  She had complete control over my body and I loved every single second of it.  It felt like I jumped outside of myself and was ableto witness myself receiving the greatest amount of pleasure that I can even imagine.  I would give her, as well as the session a 50 out of 10.  Schedule an appointment with here as soon as possible.  



January 26, 2020

I usually suck at giving reviews but I had such an unforgettable experience today that I’m going to give this a shot. When I showed up today for my session, Miranda had a mischievous grin on her face and I knew right away that I was in for an incredible day. I was so right. Combining just the right amounts of pain with incredible pleasure, Miranda took me places that I had never been before. Let’s just say that by the end of the session I was laying on the ground, my head in the clouds, with a feeling of total bliss coursing through my body. Which by the way several hours later is still there. A couple things about Miranda, one is that she is stunningly beautiful, but more importantly she is one of the kindest most genuine human beings I’ve ever met. So when I say that my life is better with Miranda in it, that’s not an exaggeration but a fact. She is also pretty damn brilliant and I always learn something new after talking with her when our sessions end. So if any of you are on the fence about making an appointment to see her, take my advice. JUST FUCKING DO IT!! Believe me when I tell you, you won’t be sorry. 



Session......NO! Transcendental experience.....YES! Moving from exquisite pain to unbelievable pleasure. The ride I was on was could not be matched at any amusement park. The professionalism and caring of Mistress Miranda put me at ease. Her personality and presence did the very opposite. Never knowing what Her wonderfully complex mind was going to present me with next was nerve racking and exhilarating. When it was over She provided the best aftercare as I was involuntary shaking while riding the wave of chemicals pulsating through my body. In the end, giving up all control to Her left me with a profound sense of satiated calmness and peace.



Oct 25, 2019



I hope you had a good breakfast today.. 🤪 As always, thank you so much for another mind-blowing session! I thought I knew what we’d be getting into and yet again, you found ways to push me that I couldn’t have imagined. The sounding and swing were out of this world. 


The teasing at the end... get out of my brain! Yes! I had pictured that scene countless times. I just wish I was brave enough to have been locked back up.


I’ve been fortunate to meet a lot of interesting, wonderful people in my travels but none compare to you, your compassion, empathy, and overall generosity - I’m so thankful we’ve been able to play. 


I bought a bag of Lemon-heads for the ride home. 😁


Thank you so much! 



I've been doing sessions with Miranda Rider for over 15 years; I've seen several highly rated professional dominatrixes and I believe she's the best!


She takes time to understand your wants and needs and crafts the session appropriately. She has a flexible space with lots of equipment and can handle novices as well as experienced subs.


She's also hot and looks great in lingerie!






If any potential clients are considering your services and need an individual endorsement, I hope this will be of help.


Miranda Rider is a perfect domme for me.  She is very intelligent, highly empathetic to her clients needs, and is able to bring a perfect balance of wickedness, charm, humor and devious mischief to her sessions while always remaining smoking hot!


First and foremost, Miranda cares about our safety.  She communicates clearly and fully to discuss session and scene options beforehand, and provides excellent guidance of any risks to having a satisfying session, also pointing out any play combinations that she feels would be physically dangerous for you.  I always feel safe in her hands and trust her fully.


Secondly, everything about Miranda is sexy from voice to appearance, but especially her mind and her behaviors.  She knows how to keep you lusting for her touch, no matter how painful that touch may be at times.


As for pain, she is expert at working with you to deliver just what you want and even a bit more, if, and only if, that is what you really need and desire.   I have found that Miranda is expert at finding my limits and then pushing me as I need.  Yet amazingly, she can do this without leaving a trace when that is what I need.  


If pain isn't your thing, Miranda will work with you to structure a scene that fits your fantasy.  The only thing you have to do is be open and honest with her up front.  The quality of your session is directly proportional to how fully you share your wants, desires, likes and dislikes with her.  She continues to communicate effectively within the session and is able to get a read on how it is going for you without breaking out of the scene that has been created.  This is an important skill to a fun and safe session and finding someone who does it as well as Miranda is wonderful.


Miranda has a very fully stocked dungeon with all the toys you could need that is complimented by a superior dressing/shower/toilet room fully stocked to clean you up neat and tidy after a session.


My only warning about a session with Miranda is that you will easily become addicted and be longing for your next time with her.  She is amazing and I recommend her highly.



Dear Miranda,


We’ve had many sessions over the years and you’ve always exceeded my expectations and I’ve left each session thinking that it just couldn’t get any better. Granted, most of my fetishes/kinks are probably more vanilla than most of your sessions, but you’ve always been totally into making my wishes reality. Prior to our last session I shared a fantasy that is not as vanilla as what I’ve previously requested. When I initially shared my fantasy with you, I wasn’t sure how you would react or what you would say or think. All my concerns vanished when You paused and then asked several questions to make sure you understood exactly what I wanted or did not want to happen. I want to thank you for all you did to make that fantasy not only come true but made it so much better than I could even imagine. I was still trying to process all that happened, when at the end of our session, you fulfilled another fantasy without me even sharing that with you. You must be a mind reader in addition to all your other talents. Once again, I’m sitting here thinking, how do I top this last session? Well, I guess I’ll simply schedule my next session and I’m sure you will work your magic and I’ll again be left wondering ... 





Thank you so much for making our first session amazing

! It was perfect, everything I had hoped for and then some! :) I hope you enjoyed it as well. 


I can’t stop glowing. You flipped a switch in me and taught me to feel things I never thought possible. 


I wish I was more articulate so I could do you justice. 


That estim was spectacular!! Turn it up to 11 next time. ;)


Thank you





Sent you request before my last session.  I thought I sent the perfect request, but I was wrong! You took my request and still made it better. Every session always turns out to be better than the last. Even after 13 years. Thank-you so much and hope to session again soon.



Dear Miss Miranda, 


I don't know how many different ways there are of saying, "Wow! That was amazing," so I guess I'll just say, "Wow! That was amazing!"   Thank You again for the mind-blowing session yesterday. It was, um, amazing. 


I was thinking to myself on the way to the session that it would probably not live up to my expectations, since my previous sessions were so, uh, amazing, for lack of a better word. I mean, what are the odds of batting 1000? Well, each session, this one included has been a mystical, spiritual, magical journey that transports me into a different reality for the duration of the time we share. (I am glad that being a kinkster is not contingent on being a non-trite writer, but words fail to capture the transformative experience.)


Instead of detailing all the wacky, fun, kinky stuff we shared, and how I loved it all, I think I'll just recount two things that stuck in my mind.  First, I remember you pausing at one point and asking if I needed to drink something. My mind was so far away from my body when You asked that I had no idea how to answer. You made me drink, and I realized that my mouth was parched. I appreciated both the fact that You made me forget my own body, and that You were looking out for me.  So thank You for that. 


And second, I have a very clear memory of an all encompassing sensation short-circuiting my brain and overwhelming my senses. And I have a very vague memory of your hand going over my mouth to stop me from what I vaguely recall as my own yelling at the top of my lungs. I don't know how many experiences in life a person can hope to have that are entirely positive and involve being so entirely in the moment that you aren't even aware that you are yelling at the top of your lungs. So thank You for that as well. 


I had high hopes for this session that I was afraid were unrealistic. The reality was that my hopes fell far short of what You delivered.  I had not dreamed big enough. You gave me things I didn't even know to ask for. And when you did, I realized how perfectly You understood me. 


Thank You again for everything.

p.s. just because this description is relatively serious, doesn't mean I forgot all the laughter, which I also appreciate. It was a very fun session!



Miranda is the best and only one I would session with.  Miranda always makes me feel accepted and at ease prier to getting started. She is not just attractive but beautiful.  If looking for discretion I trust her completely.  She gives you her full attention and is attentive to getting your needs and desires met. Every session I have seems to be better than the last. ( I never think that its possible )  I love her laugh as well as her wit. She has a great personality to match her beauty.


Thank-you so much for helping me to have an outlet for the feelings I otherwise would have to keep inside. Hope to see you soon. 



Thanks Miranda for the best birthday session I could have asked for.  From the moment you tied my arms behind my back to you tying my balls up in a perfect bondage tie. Then leading me back to your open frame to be tied helplessly to the frame. 


From the series of weights tied to my balls to the slaps to my face, I enjoyed every minute. Thanks for taking the time to warm my ass up before my 48 cane strokes and then the beating from your new sjambok Tyrone  got you.  I have to admit though I liked it and my ass still has the marks to prove it. 


Thanks for pushing my breath holding limits, I almost tapped once but just hung on knowing you'll let me breathe, enjoyed every minute. Thanks Miranda. 




Miranda, Its been a few weeks, and it is still a bit hard to summary all the great stuff that happened. First the studio is awesome.

A little intimidating first coming in, but that makes it even better. Then taking some time to talk at first, to help ease things and set the stage for what 'might' happen (I love suspense (and suspension)). Then it started. I remember that laugh, the smile, and the looks I received really well. After a bit, the trip into the other room was one I won't forget. While its always high on my list, I can say that I've never had as much going on with a Tens as with You. The was a blast. But I'll also say that heading back where we started was somehow even more intense. I'll leave the details out on this one, but I'll say I left with a lot less energy than when I came in. This was certainly one for me to set some new expectations with. Thanks so much Miranda. You're pretty amazing.



Dear Miranda,

I wanted to again express my gratitude and appreciation for our session on Monday and for you.  I thought I would  share some of my  thoughts on our many sessions and those to come:


Sessioning with you is like vacationing to one's favorite destination.  No matter if it is the 2nd visit, 22nd or 92nd, each is wonderful in its own unique way.  Regardless of how many came before no two are exactly alike and each is a perfect blend of familiar comfort and exciting unknown pleasures waiting to be discovered.  You have an amazing gift for putting new twists (sometimes literally) on old activities and finding new places and things to explore.  

Like any great destination, part of the fun is getting there and so too with you.  Writing out the wish list/requests, talking with about my desires and watching the wheels turn as you devise a wonderfully wicked plan.  You  truly care about your client's desires, which is a damned rare thing in the world, BDSM or otherwise.  You are the ultimate tour guide, eliciting emotions and sensations that far overshadow even the loftiest of wishes.


Although every trip must end, the journey does not.  For days, weeks and at times several months after I reflect back on the session with great memories and feelings that are with me forever.  In the quiet with my eyes closed, I can hear your gentle and demanding voice, smell your perfume and feel your touch.  


Thank you for the journey!



Dear Miss Miranda, 


I know, i know.... you are probably sick of your email and laptop, and everything, but I couldn't help but write you after today's session to thank you. In addition to all the fun we had, there were two things that I particularly appreciated, and I wanted to thank you for them. 


First of all, I appreciated how much of yourself you give in a session. It is really quite generous and remarkable. I remember when you got me all encased, clipped and immobilized, you came over to play with me with a smile and a fantastic happy laugh. I thought to myself, "she must be doing that on purpose to make me think she is into this..."   I couldn't believe that anyone would genuinely enjoy playing with me.   But by the middle of the session, I realized that you really were there with me. You were present. You were open. You shared Yourself with me and allowed me into a bit of Your world. So that is my first THANK YOU. I appreciate the gift of Yourself that You shared. 


Second, I appreciated the acceptance you shared with me. Thinking of the things we did would make me blush and stammer and not know what to do with myself. Yet the way you shared these experiences with me, I felt there was no shame in wanting the experiences, and enjoying them.  It took me a large part of my 7 hour drive to realize what it was, because it was the absence of guilt and shame. It's hard to put your finger on an absence. (Though, to be honest, you did put your finger in a lot of things today, and a hole and an absence are kind of similar...)   I felt the acceptance. It was a demonstration of how things could and should be, and your actions spoke louder than any words could. So I thank you for sharing that, as well. 


As you know, I could go on for pages. But I won't.  I'll just say how amazing, wonderful, sexy, generous, kind, and mind blowing you are. And I hope my gratitude to and admiration for You is evident, even in this (obviously not from a real person) "review."   ;-)


Thank you from the bottom of my....  um....  

Let's just say I felt like you touched a place deep inside me. (and that was just the first half of the session.) 


Kidding aside, please accept this sincere and hearty thank You for the profound generosity and acceptance You showed me.



Hi Miranda

   I usually never comment on a session but have thinking about this last one with you over past 2 days...dont want to waste your time but just had to write you.


    First off ... awesome off the charts stimultion.  I’ve never told this to anyone ( manbe embarassed?)...but as you mentioned during the session you hit my all time fantasy.  Hogtied, C&B bondage , gagged, head pulled back ( which we have done many times before) but the real killer was you then getting in front of me ... forcing me to look at your panty cover p.... , verbally taunting me.... i think if you had had one of your automatic vibrators on me ( like that black thing) rather than the electicity I’d still be cumming!   I apologize as i’m not trying to be graphic but you hit a fantasy scene I’ve been to shy to ever request.. ever.

      Thanks .... just had to tell you... easier to write than tell you in person.




Having experienced 8 previous sessions with You i knew i was in for a good time, but on 10/27/18 You took things to a whole new level.

Being Your sissy in Chastity that was disobedient and needed a severe punishment, the Edging and Tease and Denial You administered was utterly mind blowing. Along with the CBT and Nipple Torture at the same time and not being allowed a release taught me You own and control every part of me.

As i write this, 4 days later, my bottom still aches from the beating and pounding it endured (outside and inside!). The endless amount of toys and devices You have never ceases to amaze me and the Studio is perfect. Your beauty, charm and wit always keeps the mood upbeat and provides a wonderful atmosphere. It is an Honor and Privilege to be Your sissy. i truly cherish the moments i am allowed in Your Presence. You are the consummate Dominatrix.

Already looking forward to and planning when i can visit You again!

–Your sissy,  




Just wanted to say thank you. I had so much fun and I think you are really cool. But you know how cool you are. Let me know if I am welcomed back and I will come see you again.

I slept so well last night.





It’s been a couple of weeks since we had a session and I relase I reneged on my promise to write you a review. So here it is:

I met with Mistress Miranda on a weekday afternoon. Google Maps took me to her place without difficulty, The studio was small, but clean and scary. The session was intense and intimate. I was especially pleased with how intuitive Miranda was, because, like the best of us, I sometimes get tongue tied when describing what I need. (Also, I must admit, I don’t know what I need). I rate her five stars.



Hi Miranda,

I wanted to say thank you for everything last night. That session was so intense and I really appreciate you stepping outside of your comfort zone to deliver absolute magic. I fell asleep last night feeling like the happiest dude in the world and I woke up feeling the same.

Being in the stocks while you cleaned up after another session was a huge turn on for so many reasons, and it’s definitely something I’d like to do again in the future, It had a deep psychological impact. Initially when it began to hurt I turned my focus to your high heels sitting on the floor in front of me, They became my comfort object. You took them away and it was at that moment the physical pain really began to set in. I had axed you to base the entire session around the illusion of you not caring about my suffering and you delivered!

The cock burning was out of this world. That’s an intense activity and for me it’s understood that there are huge risks involved with doing it. You’re the only person that I want to take things to that level with. I trust you with my life and I know you’d never intentionally do anything to permanently hurt me. There are no guarantees with cigarette/ cigar play that things won’t get infected or such. I know that going into it and it is a risk that I choose to take. I understand this will take awhile to heal from and to be honest that’s a huge part of the attraction to it. I wouldn’t doubt if this latest burning takes at least a month to heal from. Again, it’s what I wanted and axed for. Jacking off in any capacity isn’t even possible in the near future, That’s an example of the session continuing on even after the fact. What dude wouldn’t love that?!

Again, thank you for last night. I enjoy torture at the hands of a beautiful woman. I see you as the most beautiful woman in the world. Absolutely no regrets about trying to live out consensual fantasies. Thank you so much!

Talk to you soon,






I want to thank you again for the session yesterday. Last night I went through it over and over. It was “hard” getting to sleep, but when I did finally fall asleep, dreams of the next time filled my head.

After each session I keep saying this was the best yet and it can’t get any better and you prove me wrong every time.

Looking forward to that next time already.




We have had several unbelievable sessions, and I must tell you they have all left me feeling exhilarated. Each sessions starts off the same, we spend a few minutes talking about what I want during that session. While I go get undressed in your clean bathroom, I know your creative juices are flowing. When I walk out, the session starts and you jump right in and take control.  I always know I’m in for a treat. I never feel rushed and find myself enjoying giving up control to you. After the session ends, we talk about the fun we have had. I shower, get dressed, and leave after a hug. For the several days I recall what we did. I then start to think about what we can do the next time we get together.

I remember filling out your survey over a year ago  and finding myself too afraid to hit the send button. I’m glad I overcame my fears when I filled it out the second time. I was also nervous about the interview, but right away I could tell you were looking a good fit between Dom and Sub. You are a stunningly attractive woman who utilizes your experience to make your client experience their hidden desires. As a regular, I recommend you to anyone, whether a first timer or a seasoned Sub.

Thanks for all the wonderful sessions we have had and for the ones we will have in future.



Hello Mistress Miranda,

    I met you only once, over a year ago.  I have my doubts that you would remember me, but I very much remember our time together.

    I’m writing today to preserve (re-establish?) the connection, and because I think of visiting you much more often than you might suspect. I get to “play” relatively rarely, so I think about it much more than I do it.

   Though you know me as “XXXXXXXX,” i tweet as “XXXXXXXX”, and have been following and enjoying the parts of Your scintillating personality that shine through even in 280 characters.

  “Some day” I keep telling myself.  “Some day soon, I hope, and i will be helplessly bound again, unable to avoid that which I secretly crave.”

   And my favorite line/memory from our session together, which I was extremely happy to see made you smile at the time, was this: As I was bound to the table on my back with my feet in the air, seeing you approach with a strap-on, I managed to say, “….I’ve got you where I want you. This is where I pull a ‘switch’ on you.”  To which you replied, laughing, “I’d like to see you try.”  I didn’t try. It’s still hard to wipe the smile from my face when I think back.

   Someday again! (Still a huge fan of You and Your work)



May 19, 2018

Mistress Miranda,


I wanted to send You a quick note to say thank you for yesterday. To tell you the truth I am speachless, it was simply amazing! I just loved your new room.


Ok, to be honest I am a little disappointed that my ass isn't more sore this morning. I am not sure why I am telling you that, as I am sure You will won't let it happen again. I am already starting to think about next time when I get to experience the sounds (I am so excited).


I can't wait to see the pictures.


Thanks again Mistress. You are truly the BEST!



May 5th, 2017


I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful time yesterday.  I really cant put into words how much I enjoyed it.  You made the role play so realistic, I was transported back to my youth when I was a naughty boy over my aunt’s lap getting my bottom roasted. I like the spanking to be realistic and it was definitely that.

You gave me quite the spanking, but it was so much more than that.  You played the part perfectly.  The scolding, the way you looked, which was fantastic by the way, it was just a great time I really won’t ever forget.

You might like to know my bottom is still sore this morning and I have a reminder not to peep on you again every time I sit down!



Oh, sorry if your arms sore this morning 

Best spanking ever!

I can’t wait till the next time!





March 14, 2017

Mistress Miranda,

Thank you for allowing me the honor of sessioning with you again last Friday morning. Mistress, you were even more stuning then I had remembered.

I wanted to share a few of my thoughts, now that I have had a few days to let the experience settle in.

* It was exciting to be placed in all the leather restraints. It is fascinating how the head gear brings a sense of confinment to your entire body and how the blind fold builds excitent and fear of what is to come. I look forward to more intense bondage in our next session.

* I thoroughly enjoyed handing my balls over to you, to be used for your pleasure. It was amazing hainvg them squeezed, bound, slapped. I would be very interested in other devices you may have to torture them with.

* A new experience for me was having my balls hit with your knee. Being strapped to the chair, helpless, fullly exposed to your blows. What a rush!

* I took great pleasre in the little things. Like slaps to my face, having my nipples bitten, forced to clean up my pre-cum, being commanded to kneel, commanded to suck your beautiful cock. These only served to higten the experience.

* The electic play was simply electrifying (sorry couldn’t resist). My cock twiches as I think about it.

* The highlight of the session for me was submitting to your cock. Oh, the feeling of it sliding in and out of my mouth and then my ass!

It was simply an AMAZING sesssion! I look forward to a more intense session next time.

Thank you Mistress Miranda.




March 13, 2017


I want to thank you for the experience last night. Every time I have left after seeing a domme, I’m on my way home thinking “I’m glad I did that and I’m good for awhile”. Last night I was thinking about how soon I could come back.

It’s fascinating to figure out something new about myself that I never knew was there. I was very excitied by being over your knee, the pain, and your nurturing demeanor.

I almost wanted to cry because at that moment I felt like you were the only person in the world who understood me and you were the only one who could make my troubles go away. It was exhilarating.



February 23, 2017

Dear Miranda,

I cannot begin to thank you enough for where you took me yesterday! I like most who endeavor into this world seek the stress relief and calm which It provides.

Yesterday, you gave me much more. You made me feel alive in a way that I am not sure I have ever experienced in this world or any other. No athletic championship, adrenaline rushing activity, career success, or drug even come close and I have experienced all of these at pretty high levels.

For many, many years I have stored the truly great bdsm experiences in a small box, safely tucked away in a corner of my mind where I can visit them whenever I need the relief, escape and calm which they provide. I do not hold on to and store all session memories, really very few get tucked away in this little corner of my head. Yesterday’s will sit at the very top of my little box not only for easy access but also to be protected and cherished.

If half the people in this country cared as much and were as dedicated as you to their vocations, we would be in a much better place. I am so glad your enlightened, adventurous and deviant nature took you to this career. You are skilled like no other. I wish you nothing but good things, you deserve them all!!

Thank you again. Enjoy the weekend!



February 10, 2017

Hi Miranda,

​A few weeks ago we got a sleep number bed, and it tracks the quality of your sleep. Last night I slept like a dead baby and got an 89/100, which is the best rating I’ve had yet.

Conclusion: getting your butthole electrocuted helps you sleep!




February 03, 2017

I’ve been seeing Mistress Miranda for many years. Yesterday I had a session that was the first in several years due to my moving from the area. Miranda is still a beautiful, funny, talented woman. When I first contacted Miranda, memories of my previous sessions filled my head and I hoped I wasn’t setting expectations that couldn’t be met.

I’m not into pain but truly enjoy the bondage and submission aspects of BDSM as they relate to my fetishes. Miranda again found a way to incorporate all my fetishes into a memorable experience that I won’t forget. I don’t know how she has the energy for two hour sessions. She’s like the energizer bunny and just keeps going.

The session was everything I hoped it would be and so much more. Now I have to come up with a plan to come back to the area more often to spend more time with Miranda.



February 03, 2017


I’ve been to see you 3 previous times. The first time was in April of 2002 at Red door, not trying to be all nostalgic but you are as hot and professional as ever. A true class act. No I am not trying to butter you up. I just wanted you to know that every time I see you I feel like a kid at Christmas.

Thanks for being you.



January 01, 2017

I have sessioned with a number of Pro Dommes & Miranda is by far the best in the business. She offers experience, a fully equipped play space & an overall unmatched quality BDSM session. What is so appealing is Her personality. She is not only beautiful but witty, funny & truly enjoys catering to the submissives needs & wants. My first session was 3 hrs. & i had so much fun i went back the next day for 2 more hrs. We even had a meal together & She gave me a ride to my hotel! Never had that happen before! From the novice to the seasoned player i recommend Mistress Miranda Rider!


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