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January 26, 2020

I usually suck at giving reviews but I had such an unforgettable experience today that I’m going to give this a shot. When I showed up today for my session, Miranda had a mischievous grin on her face and I knew right away that I was in for an incredible day. I was so right. Combining just the right amounts of pain with incredible pleasure, Miranda took me places that I had never been before. Let’s just say that by the end of the session I was laying on the ground, my head in the clouds, with a feeling of total bliss coursing through my body. Which by the way several hours later is still there. A couple things about Miranda, one is that she is stunningly beautiful, but more importantly she is one of the kindest most genuine human beings I’ve ever met. So when I say that my life is better with Miranda in it, that’s not an exaggeration but a fact. She is also pretty damn brilliant and I always learn something new after talking with her when our sessions end. So if any of you are on the fence about making an appointment to see her, take my advice. JUST FUCKING DO IT!! Believe me when I tell you, you won’t be sorry. 


Crazy One



Session......NO! Transcendental experience.....YES! Moving from exquisite pain to unbelievable pleasure. The ride I was on was could not be matched at any amusement park. The professionalism and caring of Mistress Miranda put me at ease. Her personality and presence did the very opposite. Never knowing what Her wonderfully complex mind was going to present me with next was nerve racking and exhilarating. When it was over She provided the best aftercare as I was involuntary shaking while riding the wave of chemicals pulsating through my body. In the end, giving up all control to Her left me with a profound sense of satiated calmness and peace.






I've been doing sessions with Miranda Rider for over 15 years; I've seen several highly rated professional dominatrixes and I believe she's the best!


She takes time to understand your wants and needs and crafts the session appropriately. She has a flexible space with lots of equipment and can handle novices as well as experienced subs.


She's also hot and looks great in lingerie!






If any potential clients are considering your services and need an individual endorsement, I hope this will be of help.


Miranda Rider is a perfect domme for me.  She is very intelligent, highly empathetic to her clients needs, and is able to bring a perfect balance of wickedness, charm, humor and devious mischief to her sessions while always remaining smoking hot!


First and foremost, Miranda cares about our safety.  She communicates clearly and fully to discuss session and scene options beforehand, and provides excellent guidance of any risks to having a satisfying session, also pointing out any play combinations that she feels would be physically dangerous for you.  I always feel safe in her hands and trust her fully.


Secondly, everything about Miranda is sexy from voice to appearance, but especially her mind and her behaviors.  She knows how to keep you lusting for her touch, no matter how painful that touch may be at times.


As for pain, she is expert at working with you to deliver just what you want and even a bit more, if, and only if, that is what you really need and desire.   I have found that Miranda is expert at finding my limits and then pushing me as I need.  Yet amazingly, she can do this without leaving a trace when that is what I need.  


If pain isn't your thing, Miranda will work with you to structure a scene that fits your fantasy.  The only thing you have to do is be open and honest with her up front.  The quality of your session is directly proportional to how fully you share your wants, desires, likes and dislikes with her.  She continues to communicate effectively within the session and is able to get a read on how it is going for you without breaking out of the scene that has been created.  This is an important skill to a fun and safe session and finding someone who does it as well as Miranda is wonderful.


Miranda has a very fully stocked dungeon with all the toys you could need that is complimented by a superior dressing/shower/toilet room fully stocked to clean you up neat and tidy after a session.


My only warning about a session with Miranda is that you will easily become addicted and be longing for your next time with her.  She is amazing and I recommend her highly.


Ron T.



Dear Miranda,


We’ve had many sessions over the years and you’ve always exceeded my expectations and I’ve left each session thinking that it just couldn’t get any better. Granted, most of my fetishes/kinks are probably more vanilla than most of your sessions, but you’ve always been totally into making my wishes reality. Prior to our last session I shared a fantasy that is not as vanilla as what I’ve previously requested. When I initially shared my fantasy with you, I wasn’t sure how you would react or what you would say or think. All my concerns vanished when You paused and then asked several questions to make sure you understood exactly what I wanted or did not want to happen. I want to thank you for all you did to make that fantasy not only come true but made it so much better than I could even imagine. I was still trying to process all that happened, when at the end of our session, you fulfilled another fantasy without me even sharing that with you. You must be a mind reader in addition to all your other talents. Once again, I’m sitting here thinking, how do I top this last session? Well, I guess I’ll simply schedule my next session and I’m sure you will work your magic and I’ll again be left wondering ... giggles





Thank you so much for making our first session amazing

! It was perfect, everything I had hoped for and then some! :) I hope you enjoyed it as well. 


I can’t stop glowing. You flipped a switch in me and taught me to feel things I never thought possible. 


I wish I was more articulate so I could do you justice. 


That estim was spectacular!! Turn it up to 11 next time. ;)


Thank you





Sent you request before my last session.  I thought I sent the perfect request, but I was wrong! You took my request and still made it better. Every session always turns out to be better than the last. Even after 13 years. Thank-you so much and hope to session again soon.



Dear Miss Miranda, 


I don't know how many different ways there are of saying, "Wow! That was amazing," so I guess I'll just say, "Wow! That was amazing!"   Thank You again for the mind-blowing session yesterday. It was, um, amazing. 


I was thinking to myself on the way to the session that it would probably not live up to my expectations, since my previous sessions were so, uh, amazing, for lack of a better word. I mean, what are the odds of batting 1000? Well, each session, this one included has been a mystical, spiritual, magical journey that transports me into a different reality for the duration of the time we share. (I am glad that being a kinkster is not contingent on being a non-trite writer, but words fail to capture the transformative experience.)


Instead of detailing all the wacky, fun, kinky stuff we shared, and how I loved it all, I think I'll just recount two things that stuck in my mind.  First, I remember you pausing at one point and asking if I needed to drink something. My mind was so far away from my body when You asked that I had no idea how to answer. You made me drink, and I realized that my mouth was parched. I appreciated both the fact that You made me forget my own body, and that You were looking out for me.  So thank You for that. 


And second, I have a very clear memory of an all encompassing sensation short-circuiting my brain and overwhelming my senses. And I have a very vague memory of your hand going over my mouth to stop me from what I vaguely recall as my own yelling at the top of my lungs. I don't know how many experiences in life a person can hope to have that are entirely positive and involve being so entirely in the moment that you aren't even aware that you are yelling at the top of your lungs. So thank You for that as well. 


I had high hopes for this session that I was afraid were unrealistic. The reality was that my hopes fell far short of what You delivered.  I had not dreamed big enough. You gave me things I didn't even know to ask for. And when you did, I realized how perfectly You understood me. 


Thank You again for everything. 



p.s. just because this description is relatively serious, doesn't mean I forgot all the laughter, which I also appreciate. It was a very fun session!



Miranda is the best and only one I would session with.  Miranda always makes me feel accepted and at ease prier to getting started. She is not just attractive but beautiful.  If looking for discretion I trust her completely.  She gives you her full attention and is attentive to getting your needs and desires met. Every session I have seems to be better than the last. ( I never think that its possible )  I love her laugh as well as her wit. She has a great personality to match her beauty.


Thank-you so much for helping me to have an outlet for the feelings I otherwise would have to keep inside. Hope to see you soon. 



Thanks Miranda for the best birthday session I could have asked for.  From the moment you tied my arms behind my back to you tying my balls up in a perfect bondage tie. Then leading me back to your open frame to be tied helplessly to the frame. 


From the series of weights tied to my balls to the slaps to my face, I enjoyed every minute. Thanks for taking the time to warm my ass up before my 48 cane strokes and then the beating from your new sjambok Tyrone  got you.  I have to admit though I liked it and my ass still has the marks to prove it. 


Thanks for pushing my breath holding limits, I almost tapped once but just hung on knowing you'll let me breathe, enjoyed every minute. Thanks Miranda. 



Miranda, Its been a few weeks, and it is still a bit hard to summary all the great stuff that happened. First the studio is awesome.

A little intimidating first coming in, but that makes it even better. Then taking some time to talk at first, to help ease things and set the stage for what 'might' happen (I love suspense (and suspension)). Then it started. I remember that laugh, the smile, and the looks I received really well. After a bit, the trip into the other room was one I won't forget. While its always high on my list, I can say that I've never had as much going on with a Tens as with You. The was a blast. But I'll also say that heading back where we started was somehow even more intense. I'll leave the details out on this one, but I'll say I left with a lot less energy than when I came in. This was certainly one for me to set some new expectations with. Thanks so much Miranda. You're pretty amazing.




Dear Miranda,

I wanted to again express my gratitude and appreciation for our session on Monday and for you.  I thought I would  share some of my  thoughts on our many sessions and those to come:


Sessioning with you is like vacationing to one's favorite destination.  No matter if it is the 2nd visit, 22nd or 92nd, each is wonderful in its own unique way.  Regardless of how many came before no two are exactly alike and each is a perfect blend of familiar comfort and exciting unknown pleasures waiting to be discovered.  You have an amazing gift for putting new twists (sometimes literally) on old activities and finding new places and things to explore.  

Like any great destination, part of the fun is getting there and so too with you.  Writing out the wish list/requests, talking with about my desires and watching the wheels turn as you devise a wonderfully wicked plan.  You  truly care about your client's desires, which is a damned rare thing in the world, BDSM or otherwise.  You are the ultimate tour guide, eliciting emotions and sensations that far overshadow even the loftiest of wishes.


Although every trip must end, the journey does not.  For days, weeks and at times several months after I reflect back on the session with great memories and feelings that are with me forever.  In the quiet with my eyes closed, I can hear your gentle and demanding voice, smell your perfume and feel your touch.  


Thank you for the journey!





Dear Miss Miranda, 


I know, i know.... you are probably sick of your email and laptop, and everything, but I couldn't help but write you after today's session to thank you. In addition to all the fun we had, there were two things that I particularly appreciated, and I wanted to thank you for them. 


First of all, I appreciated how much of yourself you give in a session. It is really quite generous and remarkable. I remember when you got me all encased, clipped and immobilized, you came over to play with me with a smile and a fantastic happy laugh. I thought to myself, "she must be doing that on purpose to make me think she is into this..."   I couldn't believe that anyone would genuinely enjoy playing with me.   But by the middle of the session, I realized that you really were there with me. You were present. You were open. You shared Yourself with me and allowed me into a bit of Your world. So that is my first THANK YOU. I appreciate the gift of Yourself that You shared. 


Second, I appreciated the acceptance you shared with me. Thinking of the things we did would make me blush and stammer and not know what to do with myself. Yet the way you shared these experiences with me, I felt there was no shame in wanting the experiences, and enjoying them.  It took me a large part of my 7 hour drive to realize what it was, because it was the absence of guilt and shame. It's hard to put your finger on an absence. (Though, to be honest, you did put your finger in a lot of things today, and a hole and an absence are kind of similar...)   I felt the acceptance. It was a demonstration of how things could and should be, and your actions spoke louder than any words could. So I thank you for sharing that, as well. 


As you know, I could go on for pages. But I won't.  I'll just say how amazing, wonderful, sexy, generous, kind, and mind blowing you are. And I hope my gratitude to and admiration for You is evident, even in this (obviously not from a real person) "review."   ;-)


Thank you from the bottom of my....  um....  

Let's just say I felt like you touched a place deep inside me. (and that was just the first half of the session.) 


Kidding aside, please accept this sincere and hearty thank You for the profound generosity and acceptance You showed me.




Hi Miranda

   I usually never comment on a session but have thinking about this last one with you over past 2 days...dont want to waste your time but just had to write you.


    First off ... awesome off the charts stimultion.  I’ve never told this to anyone ( manbe embarassed?)...but as you mentioned during the session you hit my all time fantasy.  Hogtied, C&B bondage , gagged, head pulled back ( which we have done many times before) but the real killer was you then getting in front of me ... forcing me to look at your panty cover p.... , verbally taunting me.... i think if you had had one of your automatic vibrators on me ( like that black thing) rather than the electicity I’d still be cumming!   I apologize as i’m not trying to be graphic but you hit a fantasy scene I’ve been to shy to ever request.. ever.

      Thanks .... just had to tell you... easier to write than tell you in person.

--tommy hogtie




Having experienced 8 previous sessions with You i knew i was in for a good time, but on 10/27/18 You took things to a whole new level.

Being Your sissy in Chastity that was disobedient and needed a severe punishment, the Edging and Tease and Denial You administered was utterly mind blowing. Along with the CBT and Nipple Torture at the same time and not being allowed a release taught me You own and control every part of me.

As i write this, 4 days later, my bottom still aches from the beating and pounding it endured (outside and inside!). The endless amount of toys and devices You have never ceases to amaze me and the Studio is perfect. Your beauty, charm and wit always keeps the mood upbeat and provides a wonderful atmosphere. It is an Honor and Privilege to be Your sissy. i truly cherish the moments i am allowed in Your Presence. You are the consummate Dominatrix.

Already looking forward to and planning when i can visit You again!

–Your sissy,  tvpainslut



Just wanted to say thank you. I had so much fun and I think you are really cool. But you know how cool you are. Let me know if I am welcomed back and I will come see you again.

I slept so well last night.





It’s been a couple of weeks since we had a session and I relase I reneged on my promise to write you a review. So here it is:

I met with Mistress Miranda on a weekday afternoon. Google Maps took me to her place without difficulty, The studio was small, but clean and scary. The session was intense and intimate. I was especially pleased with how intuitive Miranda was, because, like the best of us, I sometimes get tongue tied when describing what I need. (Also, I must admit, I don’t know what I need). I rate her five stars.




Hi Miranda,

I wanted to say thank you for everything last night. That session was so intense and I really appreciate you stepping outside of your comfort zone to deliver absolute magic. I fell asleep last night feeling like the happiest dude in the world and I woke up feeling the same.

Being in the stocks while you cleaned up after another session was a huge turn on for so many reasons, and it’s definitely something I’d like to do again in the future, It had a deep psychological impact. Initially when it began to hurt I turned my focus to your high heels sitting on the floor in front of me, They became my comfort object. You took them away and it was at that moment the physical pain really began to set in. I had axed you to base the entire session around the illusion of you not caring about my suffering and you delivered!

The cock burning was out of this world. That’s an intense activity and for me it’s understood that there are huge risks involved with doing it. You’re the only person that I want to take things to that level with. I trust you with my life and I know you’d never intentionally do anything to permanently hurt me. There are no guarantees with cigarette/ cigar play that things won’t get infected or such. I know that going into it and it is a risk that I choose to take. I understand this will take awhile to heal from and to be honest that’s a huge part of the attraction to it. I wouldn’t doubt if this latest burning takes at least a month to heal from. Again, it’s what I wanted and axed for. Jacking off in any capacity isn’t even possible in the near future, That’s an example of the session continuing on even after the fact. What dude wouldn’t love that?!

Again, thank you for last night. I enjoy torture at the hands of a beautiful woman. I see you as the most beautiful woman in the world. Absolutely no regrets about trying to live out consensual fantasies. Thank you so much!

Talk to you soon,






I want to thank you again for the session yesterday. Last night I went through it over and over. It was “hard” getting to sleep, but when I did finally fall asleep, dreams of the next time filled my head.

After each session I keep saying this was the best yet and it can’t get any better and you prove me wrong every time.

Looking forward to that next time already.





We have had several unbelievable sessions, and I must tell you they have all left me feeling exhilarated. Each sessions starts off the same, we spend a few minutes talking about what I want during that session. While I go get undressed in your clean bathroom, I know your creative juices are flowing. When I walk out, the session starts and you jump right in and take control.  I always know I’m in for a treat. I never feel rushed and find myself enjoying giving up control to you. After the session ends, we talk about the fun we have had. I shower, get dressed, and leave after a hug. For the several days I recall what we did. I then start to think about what we can do the next time we get together.

I remember filling out your survey over a year ago  and finding myself too afraid to hit the send button. I’m glad I overcame my fears when I filled it out the second time. I was also nervous about the interview, but right away I could tell you were looking a good fit between Dom and Sub. You are a stunningly attractive woman who utilizes your experience to make your client experience their hidden desires. As a regular, I recommend you to anyone, whether a first timer or a seasoned Sub.

Thanks for all the wonderful sessions we have had and for the ones we will have in future.

– anonymous



Hello Mistress Miranda,

    I met you only once, over a year ago.  I have my doubts that you would remember me, but I very much remember our time together.

    I’m writing today to preserve (re-establish?) the connection, and because I think of visiting you much more often than you might suspect. I get to “play” relatively rarely, so I think about it much more than I do it.

   Though you know me as “XXXXXXXX,” i tweet as “XXXXXXXX”, and have been following and enjoying the parts of Your scintillating personality that shine through even in 280 characters.

  “Some day” I keep telling myself.  “Some day soon, I hope, and i will be helplessly bound again, unable to avoid that which I secretly crave.”

   And my favorite line/memory from our session together, which I was extremely happy to see made you smile at the time, was this: As I was bound to the table on my back with my feet in the air, seeing you approach with a strap-on, I managed to say, “….I’ve got you where I want you. This is where I pull a ‘switch’ on you.”  To which you replied, laughing, “I’d like to see you try.”  I didn’t try. It’s still hard to wipe the smile from my face when I think back.

   Someday again! (Still a huge fan of You and Your work)



May 5th, 2017


I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful time yesterday.  I really cant put into words how much I enjoyed it.  You made the role play so realistic, I was transported back to my youth when I was a naughty boy over my aunt’s lap getting my bottom roasted. I like the spanking to be realistic and it was definitely that.

You gave me quite the spanking, but it was so much more than that.  You played the part perfectly.  The scolding, the way you looked, which was fantastic by the way, it was just a great time I really won’t ever forget.

You might like to know my bottom is still sore this morning and I have a reminder not to peep on you again every time I sit down!



Oh, sorry if your arms sore this morning 

Best spanking ever!

I can’t wait till the next time!





March 14, 2017


Mistress Miranda,

Thank you for allowing me the honor of sessioning with you again last Friday morning. Mistress, you were even more stuning then I had remembered.

I wanted to share a few of my thoughts, now that I have had a few days to let the experience settle in.

* It was exciting to be placed in all the leather restraints. It is fascinating how the head gear brings a sense of confinment to your entire body and how the blind fold builds excitent and fear of what is to come. I look forward to more intense bondage in our next session.

* I thoroughly enjoyed handing my balls over to you, to be used for your pleasure. It was amazing hainvg them squeezed, bound, slapped. I would be very interested in other devices you may have to torture them with.

* A new experience for me was having my balls hit with your knee. Being strapped to the chair, helpless, fullly exposed to your blows. What a rush!

* I took great pleasre in the little things. Like slaps to my face, having my nipples bitten, forced to clean up my pre-cum, being commanded to kneel, commanded to suck your beautiful cock. These only served to higten the experience.

* The electic play was simply electrifying (sorry couldn’t resist). My cock twiches as I think about it.

* The highlight of the session for me was submitting to your cock. Oh, the feeling of it sliding in and out of my mouth and then my ass!

It was simply an AMAZING sesssion! I look forward to a more intense session next time.

Thank you Mistress Miranda.


March 13, 2017



I want to thank you for the experience last night. Every time I have left after seeing a domme, I’m on my way home thinking “I’m glad I did that and I’m good for awhile”. Last night I was thinking about how soon I could come back.

It’s fascinating to figure out something new about myself that I never knew was there. I was very excitied by being over your knee, the pain, and your nurturing demeanor.

I almost wanted to cry because at that moment I felt like you were the only person in the world who understood me and you were the only one who could make my troubles go away. It was exhilarating.


February 23, 2017

“slut randi”

Dear Miranda,

I cannot begin to thank you enough for where you took me yesterday! I like most who endeavor into this world seek the stress relief and calm which It provides.

Yesterday, you gave me much more. You made me feel alive in a way that I am not sure I have ever experienced in this world or any other. No athletic championship, adrenaline rushing activity, career success, or drug even come close and I have experienced all of these at pretty high levels.

For many, many years I have stored the truly great bdsm experiences in a small box, safely tucked away in a corner of my mind where I can visit them whenever I need the relief, escape and calm which they provide. I do not hold on to and store all session memories, really very few get tucked away in this little corner of my head. Yesterday’s will sit at the very top of my little box not only for easy access but also to be protected and cherished.

If half the people in this country cared as much and were as dedicated as you to their vocations, we would be in a much better place. I am so glad your enlightened, adventurous and deviant nature took you to this career. You are skilled like no other. I wish you nothing but good things, you deserve them all!!

Thank you again. Enjoy the weekend!


February 10, 2017

from: ridge montana

Hi Miranda,

​A few weeks ago we got a sleep number bed, and it tracks the quality of your sleep. Last night I slept like a dead baby and got an 89/100, which is the best rating I’ve had yet.

Conclusion: getting your butthole electrocuted helps you sleep!



February 03, 2017

from: “giggles”

I’ve been seeing Mistress Miranda for many years. Yesterday I had a session that was the first in several years due to my moving from the area. Miranda is still a beautiful, funny, talented woman. When I first contacted Miranda, memories of my previous sessions filled my head and I hoped I wasn’t setting expectations that couldn’t be met.

I’m not into pain but truly enjoy the bondage and submission aspects of BDSM as they relate to my fetishes. Miranda again found a way to incorporate all my fetishes into a memorable experience that I won’t forget. I don’t know how she has the energy for two hour sessions. She’s like the energizer bunny and just keeps going.

The session was everything I hoped it would be and so much more. Now I have to come up with a plan to come back to the area more often to spend more time with Miranda.


February 03, 2017

from: “sissy richie”


I’ve been to see you 3 previous times. The first time was in April of 2002 at Red door, not trying to be all nostalgic but you are as hot and professional as ever. A true class act. No I am not trying to butter you up. I just wanted you to know that every time I see you I feel like a kid at Christmas.

Thanks for being you.


January 01, 2017

from: terry (tv pain slut)

I have sessioned with a number of Pro Dommes & Miranda is by far the best in the business. She offers experience, a fully equipped play space & an overall unmatched quality BDSM session. What is so appealing is Her personality. She is not only beautiful but witty, funny & truly enjoys catering to the submissives needs & wants. My first session was 3 hrs. & i had so much fun i went back the next day for 2 more hrs. We even had a meal together & She gave me a ride to my hotel! Never had that happen before! From the novice to the seasoned player i recommend Mistress Miranda Rider!


December 29, 2016

from: hoyt

Due to the length of time life makes me wait between sessions (half a dozen over 8 years), I fell like a novice each time I am able to session with Mistress Miranda. The amazing thing is that I am always at complete ease due to Miranda’s air of confidence and aura of complete control. Given my infrequent visits I was fortunate to be able to be dominated by both Mistress Miranda and Mistress Melanie. Having these two beautiful Dommes take over complete control of me delivered me to a place of total relaxation and bliss that I haven’t been in I don’t know how long. If only I could have stayed in the dungeon instead of returning to the world . . .


December 29, 2016

from: michael gay boy


Thank you for being a woman I can be completely honest with concerning my fantasies. Without doubt, you’re the finest member of the fairest gender that I’ve ever met. Your beautiful face could launch a thousand ships. My mind tingles when I think of the internal qualities you possess which draw me to you, that includes: a brilliant mind, an understanding heart which accepts the odd thoughts swirling around in my head, and a soul behind your eyes that’s able to make me melt like no other woman I know. Oh you are so much fun!

I’ll often think of the times you’ve dressed me up like a girl, spanked me, then towered above me with a dominant presence, as I submitted on my knees. Followed by your rubber strapon dildo inserted slowly into my mouth, a hand on my head guiding it forward, then laughed as I ask you not to cum in my mouth. It’s so wonderful to let my secret faggy side breath and reveal himself to you. Wow! Our sessions are simply epic!

Personally, I’ve made many mistakes in my life; giving you a chance was not a mistake, it was a wise decision. A visit to your studio is a magical place, it’s where I can strip off my strait vanilla life and become your gay best friend. A place where the role-play really heats up as you get jealous of my stories of the imaginary men which seduce my gay alter-ego, that raises a desire in you to demand a turn at my mouth and bum. My favorite part of the experience is the release of emotion, that is of giving in and letting go of my masculinity and dignity, that brings feelings most men will never experience. It’s unfortunate some fellas will never confess their desires to you.

Finally, the new studio is in a great area. The neighborhood makes me feel invisible to anyone that might walk by. No one will bother asking me why I’m parking at that location, because those folks all keep to themselves and mind their own business.

I look forward to the next time we can play again.


Michael Gay Boy


December 20, 2017

from: “mr. white”

I have sessioned with Mistress Miranda Rider over a dozen time since the first time I saw her about twelve years ago. The first session set the bar very high and she has been the only domme that I have seen since then. So you can assume that all my experiences are superb and keep me coming back. Miranda is one of the most unique people that I have ever met. She is beautiful in a natural way and not full of herself. She is also very intelligent and can converse on a large number of topics. She is a very skilled domme and quickly learned what I liked to do in a session (please her) and was willing to indulge me in my kinks and fantasies. Each session is started with general conversation to lower any anxiety. She is not a clock watcher and makes sure that you have a good time. You can learn most of what you need to know about her from her web site and it should be required reading if you are a first timer.

In short, I highly recommend her as a great dome and also a great person to know.


December 20, 2017

from: “slut randi”


I am not sure I know the right words to properly express myself. Wow! You have touched nerves and evoked feelings that I have not experienced in too long of a time. Wow and thank you! You have wicked bad ass skills and again at the risk of being shallow a face and figure that in the immortal words of the Rolling Stones could “make a dead man come”.

Thanks again. It was a true pleasure to finally meet you.


December 18, 2016

from: “tyrone hughes”

I’ve been sessioning with Miranda Rider for over three years now.

Interesting thing is that I looked at her website and pics for a decade before setting up a session. Her looks are what initially attracted me to her. Once I met her I realized that she’s far more beautiful than the pictures show. Miranda’s personality is very outgoing and positive.

Part of the reason I waited so long to session is that she describes herself as a sensual sadist and for some reason I believed that meant she might not be hardcore enough to give me the pain I so desired. I’d consider myself a masochist and pain is what I both crave and need. After finally meeting her I quickly realized that Miranda is about giving you the experience that you crave while adding her own personal twists to it.

Above all else I feel safer with her than anyone else in this world and that enables the sessions to go to another level. If you don’t want something just tell her and she will surely respect your limits. Everything is negotiated beforehand and the only way you’re getting more than you can handle is if you’ve specifically asked for it and she’s confident that you’re okay with it. I always do my best to ask her to go as extreme as she’s willing to go.

Over the last few years she has whipped me to tears, burned my cock with cigarettes and put them out on my balls, tore my cock to shreds with sandpaper, caned me on numerous occasions, done judicial style punishments, a beatdown, as well as recently kicking my balls until I passed out. We’ve also done several role plays and her acting skills are terrific. Just remember that you also need to be able to do your part as a successful role play takes two!

I intend on being a dedicated regular of Miranda’s because in my mind she’s the best at what she does and I have never left feeling disappointed.


November 08, 2016

from: “karina”

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful session. Completely exceeded my expectations. So glad we were able to work out a time with such short notice. Your online pictures don’t do you justice, you are much more beautiful and striking in person, intoxicating. Took control while still enjoying yourself and smiling. It was one of my favorite sessions ever.

I definitely plan on returning.


December 16, 2016

from: “dr. k”

Mistress Miranda was the first dominatrix I ever submitted to. I felt very comfortable as a novice when I first met and sessioned with her nearly 9 years ago. She is beyond professional and extremely knowledgeable. She knows how to work with what you enjoy, but also manages to push limits as she becomes more familiar with you. I have sessioned with her periodically over the years since and have never been disappointed in the time I’ve spent with her. She’s as beautiful as she is creative and is in a class of her own when it comes to BDSM.