The more information I have regarding the session you hunger for, the better able I am to provide it.


That said, I am not suggesting that you dictate what will occur during our time together; rather, give me an outline of your cravings & desires and I'll use that knowledge as

I see fit, coloring in the space between in shades & combinations you'd have never expected.

Furthermore, sitting down & writing out your requests provides the time & energy required to really articulate your requisites in a way that a in-person conversation right before the session is about to begin simply cannot furnish.

Not that "request" emails are required, but some of my submissives do a really good job of telling me what they want.


I hope you enjoy reading the following appeals as much as I did.


August 2, 2019




Its been about a month since your last encounter with the naughty neighbor boy.  You really gave him a lesson on how to clean up after his dog when he is walking him.  It seems that he got the message but he was really pissed at the old guy down the street Mr Johnson, because he thought he was the one who complained to you about him around about causing the discomfort his poor bottom endured over your lap.


Douggie was only 14 but he definitely thought of himself as a tough guy.   When he saw Mr Johnson out one day after his spanking he went over to his house and threatened to fucking punch him if he ever told on him again.  Of course since you and Mr Johnson were close friends he called you and told you how Douggie had cussed at him and threatened him. He knew you would take care of it for him in a most unpleasant way for Douggie.  You told him not to worry that Douggie would soon have a come to Jesus meeting with your ebony hairbrush and that the boy wouldn't be sitting down again for quite some time after you were through with him!


So you called Douggie over and told him that Mr Johnson called and you were going to blister his ass for being a bully and after you are done he is going to apologize to Me Johnson.


 Of course he says he will never apologize to that old man!  You don't say anything but you are thinking, before I am done you will be begging me to let you apologize you little spoiled brat!


Before you start his spanking you lecture him about how he doesn't look so tough when he's  over your lap begging for it to stop!  You tell him that teaching a bully a lesson is just what a good spanking is for!  Yes you are going to beat his little ass good and there's nothing he can do to stop it.  By the time you are through he will be more than willing to apologize to Mr Johnson, of course he will have already apologized to you over and over......


Then over your lap he goes for yet another stinging lesson on proper behavior!







Dear Miranda,


So looking forward to our session, as always.  I had a couple different thoughts/requests.  Completely up to you of course, or flip a coin, or let GoGo pick....  Regardless, I of course want to start with the usual; gag, butt plug and panties.  Also, again if you wouldn't mind wearing fun colored panties that would be great.  A fun colored bra would also be nice, but my hope is always that it isn't on for long.  Anyway before my mind digresses any further into bras and boobs, here are my thoughts/request:


Thought/Request A.


After the brief prep of gag, butt plug and panties, keeping the session simple but intense focusing on just a few things.  Two things actually, your ass and my ass.  You beating mine and my kissing/being smothered by yours.  Alternating back and forth for several (4-5-6..) rounds with each increasing in severity and intensity: i.e. crop, cane, canadian thing, dragon's tail, sjambok...I of course would love it if some of the smothering/ass kissing rounds included sucking pee from your panties.


Thought/Request B.


Again, after the brief prep of gag, plug and panties being restrained (nothing elaborate, just enough to keep me in place and my hands bound).  Nipple clamps applied and then forced to watch you clean up from the prior session (got the idea from a Tyrone Hughes session). Perhaps your tugging on the clamps or changing to more sinister clamps as I watch and suffer.After the studio is clean you bend me over, beat my ass and then peg me.  Rinse and repeat, alternating between beating and pegging.


Thought/Request C.


Surprise the fuck out of me!  


Regardless of what our session involves I would like, actually love, if it continued a bit after I cum (if so allowed) and you “force” me to kiss your ass and/or smother me some more 😃


Can’t wait to see you!!!




Hi Miranda can't wait for my next session with you, I have some ideas I hope you can use to inflict some very intense pain that I've been so very much wanting. 


Please tie me up with some tight bondage ties, I really enjoy having my arms and hands tied behind my back. I can't utilize any of my upper body strength, forces me to endure the punishment you're about to inflict on me. 


I've really been taking it easy on my nipples lately so feel free to fuck them up and bring tears to my eyes.  Double dog dare ya, betcha can't. Have an idea, two of your most painful clamps on my nipples, rigged with string or chains pulling my nipples up until I'm dam near standing on my tip toes. Since I'm in this position no reason not to cane my ass some. 


Please push my limits on the corporal, from canes, sjambok, serious ball weights. Have a request there, could you please tie my cock and balls up very tight, I would love for you to tie a rope to them. I think I can handle your full body weight hanging from my cock and balls.  I'll lay on the floor, I would live to try. 


Speaking of ball punishment please knee my balls pretty harsh right in the sweet spot. Another idea I've always wanted to do was be on all fours and have you kick my balls from behind, several times till I fall to the floor, please. 


Smothering, I can never get enough of this during our sessions. Please push my limits, I really enjoy having my next breath controlled by you, please make me work for my next breath of air. Please plenty of smothering and breath play. 


Caning, I know you love to cane, please mark my ass. I'm hoping you will have recieved the raw bamboo canes you requested. I so want you to break some on my  ass. Maybe if I'm standing there with a hard on at the start of our session you should cane my cock to let it know Miranda is the one who controls it, not me. 


It's been several sessions since you've fucked my ass, please fuck my ass, I've got the humbler I made for you and would really like for you to fuck me with it on. This humbler is plenty wide for you to grab ahold of and really put pressure on my balls as you fuck me.  May I please worship your cock before you fuck me. 


Electrical, may we please do some really cool electrical, I'll leave this totally up to your imagination. It's been a while. 


Please, plenty of Mistresses spit and hard face slapping, please. I would also live to try some of the news items you've added to the confessional. Please push my limits Miranda.  


If you don't mind may I please worship your ass and feet. 


I know we can't always do everything and some things just may not be practical. Just some ideas.


Can't wait to see you again. 





Hello Mistress,


I was wondering if you'd be up for a session this Thursday night 6:00 or so? If not, no worries- this one's super hardcore. I fully understand if you say no. I've got a very specific idea in mind if you'd be up for it. I want you to make me experience real torture. I'm talking pure suffering. Just know it's for the right reasons and not because of being depressed! This one is the most frightening I've had so far, but I really want to live it out, not just spend forever jacking off about it. Of course, it involves the hand crank generator. I've done several test runs with it, and we will be in consensual non-consent territory nearly immediately. From everything I've read and experienced, I do believe it's all a mental thing and not a true problem.


My thoughts are that you aren't dressed up at all for this session, of course a shower isn't necessary either. I'm thinking when I arrive you are somewhere other than in the studio. We do a brief run through of how to use the crank device (and you can remind me of how you are absolutely going to destroy me). This session is about you causing me as much physical and mental pain as possible with as little "rewards" as possible. After we'd gone over the device and briefly the session you'd instruct me to go to the studio and get myself off, clean up, and put the noise cancelling headphones on while kneeling towards the wall and waiting for you to come down. Please feel free to be the biggest bitch you can be and put off coming down until you're ready. I honestly don't care if you make dinner/ order dinner and wait for it to arrive, or listen to a whole podcast in between, just keep me in suspense/ dread. As soon as I get myself off I know I will not desire this session anymore. However, it would be already agreed upon- and that feeling of dread is nearly mythical, it seems like sometimes you can almost forget that feeling until you're in the moment regretting it. 


Once you come down, you immediately get me into inescapable bondage and gagged on the table and begin a 45 minute torture session. Honest consensual non-consent. You have my permission and I'm asking you to cause me pain far beyond what I think I can handle. That is the whole point of the session. The only reason to stop is a medical emergency. Trust me, you barely have to crank the generator. Please bring out the sadist in you, or the role play of one if that's what works for you. I need you to hurt me as much as you possibly can throughout (without permanent injury of course). Tease me constantly with the feet that I can't have. In the moment, I want to experience stingray pain and regret putting myself in that situation. Please, please make it the absolute worst 45 minutes of my life. I want to regret every single second of it, while praying for it to stop. However, my pitiful pleas must fall on deaf ears. 


This small post on FetLife sums up my feelings on this session "And then the cranking begins, and I am completely unprepared, and it has only been a few seconds and I'm screaming my lungs asking for it to stop. All I get is a gag in my mouth and a full night in hell". Please, make me feel that if you're up for it. 


Talk to you soon,




Dear Miranda,

My wishes and thoughts are not much different than our last session, which by the way was one of if not the best session of my life!  I would like to keep ramping it up; last session you applied 12 cane strokes after some paddling, spanking and lite sjambok... I would love to push the caning to 15 or 18.  

After loosening me up w a nice sized bp, you pegged me with 2 different dildos, the second black and for me fairly big.  Would love to keep pushing these limits too.  


Your Panties: If you would be so kind as to wear something of a color other than black or white please.  If you happen to have them on all day, or from the day before and/or for a work out before our session, so much the better!


My Panties: Please put me in a pair, purely functional so I do not drip all over the place and also to hold the butt plug snuggly in.


My Mouth: Please keep me gagged at all times other than when my mouth is occupied with other fun activities....see below


Your  Voice: I love your words of encouragement and soothing, along with some demeaning rhetoric thrown in i.e. cunt, whore, slut, twat.....


My Ass: I continue to enjoy and want my limits for corporal punishment to be pushed.  I love the stingy implements; cane, dragon's tail and the Canadian thing.  Some hard spanking in addition would also be great.  

My Ass Part II: Please put a plug in early and keep me plugged for the duration, that is other than when you are pegging me like a porn star on steroids.  Please peg me hard and in a variety of vulnerable positions.


Your Ass: Please smother me, a lot, and allow me to kiss and worship your beautiful asset!


My Nipples: In the pain realm, nt is my absolute favorite.  Your biting, clamping and pulling really gets my chemicals churning.  


C and B: It is always risky that tying/binding/stretching my balls will push me over the edge, but obviously my body is super responsive to it.  If possible, I would extremely enjoy some ball bondage and torture.


       Pee: Yes please!  Sucking from your panties as you soak them more and more is a wonderful treat.  




Hi M


You had a job interview at 4:00 and Douggie was supposed to drop off an important tax package for you from his neighbor by 3:30.


It was a perfect opportunity for you to work in an upscale office as a personal assistant to the VP of the company.


Your prospective new boss had a reputation of hiring sexy women.  So you dressed to impress, wearing a sexy black dress with just a peak of lacy black bra showing at the neckline and of course the obligatory sexy black garter and stockings topped off with sexy stiletto heels.  How could he resist hiring you?


Douggie ruined it all by arriving at your house at 4:00 causing you to miss the interview.  You tried calling to reschedule but you were told that missing an appointed time was a deal breaker for him!  


Of course you confront Douggie and ask him why he was late.  He tells you he forgot to put the time on his calendar but he is sure he was supposed to be at your house at 4.  


As you scold Douggie for being late you inform him that since missing your interview was a deal breaker his showing up late is is a butt breaker!


Immediately he begins to  panic,  knowing all to well that he's really gonna get it now.


Immediately he starts begging you not to spank him. He tells you that he is sorry, that it won't happen again.  You tell him you are going to make sure it never happens again and that he isn't near as sorry as he's going to be.


After further scolding him on the evils of being late and missing appointments down comes his pants and over your lap he goes!  You intend to give this naughty boy a really hard hand spanking with no warm up, followed by a dose of your ebony hairbrush that will have him squirming, kicking and promising to never miss another appointment!


By the time you are done he will be truly sorry for being so irresponsible!  Maybe after this he will learn to put his appointments on his calendar.





One day I came home from work thinking nothing was wrong but unknown to me you have discovered my affair . I showered and walked into the bedroom naked . You are there and smiling at me as you walk closer. I smile back and suddenly you bring your knee up into my balls . I groan and collapse, helpless. You kick me again, and grind your knee on my balls ! You grab them next and pull up on them , squeezing and twisting , saying " Do you think I'm stupid?" It hurts so bad I can't fight back and soon I'm trapped in your stocks , my head and hands secured . More knees to my nuts , you punch and slap me as I am helpless! Next I'm blindfolded and gagged with a ball . I feel you tieing my ball sac and soon you start hanging weights on them. All the time you are doing this, I'm still getting hit and kneed. You're laughing now , thinking what to do next ! I jerk as you whip my back and ass with a flogger . It seems to go on and on ! You stop that and go back to my genitals again . Again I have no idea what you are doing with me , until I feel a twinge of something! What is happening now? Another tingle , and another, stronger, I moan , now I know, electricity! You come up to my head, slapping my face while playing with your control box . My cock and balls are dancing to your tune . You uncover my eyes and I notice that you have a strap on cock waving in my face ! "That's right , you're getting this next! " you say ! Around behind me, I feel you lube my ass and soon your big cock slides into me !! You stand and start fucking me , long deep strokes at first , then getting harder until you are pounding me mercilessly. I whimper in my gag and think , someone help , how long can this go on ? You reach around and grab my balls , squeezing and digging your nails into my cock . " I have as much time as it takes " you hiss at me !



Hi Miranda


Seems like just yesterday was my first session but it's been 5 years and this will be my 15th  session. I remember the first time I actually sessioned, walking in and thinking I can't believe I'm actually here, she's gorgeous. 5 years later and the sessions keep getting better and better, I look forward to every session.


Will you please cane my ass the way you did on my birthday, that was ultimately the best caning I've ever had. To the way you warmed my ass up with the flogger to finishing with the sjambok Tyrone got you. Yes, please use that on my ass again but only worse.  I had some of the most beautiful marks you've ever left on my ass.  Please use the sjambok harder this session, could you please cane the back of my thighs the same way, guess I'm saying make my ass look like Tyrone's after you sjambok his ass. 


The most extreme nipple torture you can think of, I always love it when 3 days after my session they still hurt, what can you do to still make them hurt after a week.  I've got some clamps you can put on my nipples to flatten them out more so you can hopefully get your Devil's Clamps on them, I would really like to feel them again. Really torture my nipples, please,  tears in my eyes pain if possible. 


I've wanted to use your winch on the open frame since you built it,  please when you have my balls tied up tight hook them to your winch, I would love to see how far they'll stretch, you'll definitely not have to worry about running out of weights.  I remember you saying how balls are amazing in the amount of punishment they can take. Promise I'll tap if the pain gets to extreme. Should make for an awesome photo op, I've thought about that quite a bit arms tied above, legs chained apart, nipples clamped being pulled, balls being winched up as you begin to warm my ass up with your flogger.


 Please throw in a few ball punches or knees, yes please some hard knees to my balls,  especially if I peek after you told me to keep my eyes closed. Some hard slaps across the face then spitting to remind me just whos in charge, it's Miranda's! But please may I have at least one hard punch, kick, or knee to my nuts. Somehow someway just when I least expect it nailm, please make it a good one right square to the nuts.  


Please smother me, I could do a whole session with just smothering, I enjoy having you decide my next breath and being at your mercy. Being tied to your bench, maybe this time while I'm smothered put your most extreme nipple clamps on my nipples. The smothering along with the nipple pain really gets me aroused, just thinking about it and the endless possibilities of torture going through your mind. Please extreme nipple torture. 


I've often wanted to have a session where at the end if I want to cum I have to eat it or "oh you won't eat your own cum sorry shower and leave" but can never get gutsy enough to eat my own filth. Don't get me wrong you're absolutely gorgeous and I would do it if instructed to, but the thought. I just don't know if I can do it. I've often thought about it but I just don't think I can do it. 


Really looking forward to five years of sessions and #15. Can't wait to see you again. 





Hi Miranda

Can't wait to see you again and feel some intense pain. It's gonna be a great birthday session. 


I'd like to see how many ball kicks I can take, I know I could only take 2 good kicks last time but I want to try for 5 good hard kicks. Maybe this time on all fours and you kick my nuts from behind or me standing with my hands behind my head. Yes throw in a few unexpected kicks from behind, right square to my balls, I really want 5 good kicks. 


Some very extreme nipple torture as always, I love not being able to torture them for a couple days after a session from them being too painful from the session to touch. 


Please smother me, if not with your gorgeous ass maybe some plastic wrap or your hands. I would really like to push the breath play. Since viewing your photos from your recent photo shoot it's a tough decision but I would love either a pair of your freshly worn panties or even a pair of pantyhose shoved in my mouth, should you be so willing, please please. You might be totally against this but i have always found waterboarding arousing, just a thought.  I promise I'll tap and not pass out, I certainly do not want to miss any of my session time. 


It's been a couple sessions since I've been tied to the open frame, the possibilities are endless, arms restrained legs chained apart. Might be a good time to see how far my balls will stretch, I forget how much but I know you've attached well over 20# to my balls. Could you please tie my balls up tight, I really like the feeling of them being tied really tight. 


The corporal, I know it takes a bit to get there but I would love to get my ass to the point it's getting hard from the cane, strap, the flogging or your hand.  You've had my ass there before but it's definitely been a while. I would love my birthday caning after my ass has been beaten pretty good.  Please, this year will be 48 cane strokes. Will you please make the last 8 strokes the hardest. 


It's been a few sessions since you've left me really worship and kiss your ass. Might make for a good predicament bondage scene, my balls tied tightly to something and I have to really pull on them to be able to worship your ass. If you could work it in I would love to worship your strap on and suck your cock, that may be a good predicament too, my balls tied to the back wall and if I want to suck your strapon I have to torture my balls.


Somewhere in the session could you please throw in some hard face slaps, please hard slaps.  Some of Mistress Miranda's spit is always greatly appreciated be it in my mouth or a good spit to the face entirely up to you but I hate to waste any of your spit. 


I really enjoy having my arms tied behind my back, limits my ability to use any arm strength.

Please tear my nipples up and push my ball busting limits even if you spread them out throughout the session. I'm not reframing from torturing my nipples or not cumming this time so maybe you can incorporate into some roll play and punish me. 


I also got you a 28" deer hide dragon tail whip from cane-iac for you to tan my ass with as well. Along with some gags and bondage straps. 


I know we can't do everything but I can't wait to see what direction you take this, my birthday session. Please don't hold back the 31st can't get here soon enough.


Can't wait to see you again. 






Below is an idea for our session, let me know what you think!


It wasn't that long ago that you caught Douggie looking at porn on your computer and you spanked him good for it.  


Imagine your surprise when you find these pictures in your computer history!


How did they get there?  Since Douggie hasn't been around for awhile how could he have been the culprit?  I mean he is in school 

when you are at work. But you know it was him.  He must have skipped school, snuck into your house and hung out there until school was out, but how did he get in?  A quick call to his best friend's mom and she tells you that Douggie was sick on Monday and didn't go to school.  Hmm...


To confirm your suspicion, you find that the spare key that you keep under the mat by your side door is missing!  Douggie must be letting himself in

and using your computer to search porn and who knows what else he is doing?


He asked if he could come and see you , now you know why, he needs to put the key back without you missing it.  


The minute he walks in he knows he is in deep shit because you are dressed like one of the ladies in the pictures and you are brandishing your ebony hairbrush!


Of course he is immediately apologetic and tries to lie his way out of the spanking he knows he deserves but obviously doesn't want.


Thats when you check his pockets and of course you find the key to your door.


His fate is sealed!  He has no choice, you will take him  over you lap for a good old fashioned, bare bottom, hairbrush spanking that he will never forget!  


That boy is in so much trouble with you....


Just sending this email about tomorrow's session because this way I won't try and change my mind and ax for something else instead (because this idea of this much pain is kind of frightening). If you're not up to this particular idea it's not a problem, there's plenty of other possible activities.


I'm thinking something similar to last time in terms of kneeling on rice or such (if you save cleanup from an earlier session to do during this time that's not a problem). It seems like time kneeling or the stocks really mentally and physically wears me down and makes me more vulnerable to feeling the pain later on, without being able to process it as easily. 


I'd love to be made to bring myself to orgasm after spending a few minutes with your feet. Then I'm axing you for the most brutal pain you can give. What you delivered last time was so fantastic. I'm talking about that same kind of pain but for a much longer duration. I'm thinking a set time, maybe 30 minutes of pure agony. Doesn't have to be nonstop hitting obviously (as we have to be safe and sensible adults). I think the idea of the beating being dragged out even if it's a hit every 15 to 30 seconds or so after the breaking point could be pure mental torture. Wanting it to stop but going on for what seems like forever. Only stopping when time is reached or if a problem arises. I want my pleas for mercy to fall on deaf ears. I want you to hit me with the intent of causing as much pain as you can.


I'm legit terrified of this scene but it's what I want if you're up to it. I understand that the immediate aftercare will be limited to basic needs and not much more. That's completely fine with me. 


See you tomorrow,



Hello Mistress,



I'd like to see if you have an opening.


Even after all this time, my heart beats faster and my hands shake a bit when I click on your web site or type out a session request like this!


Session idea:


You found the underground rave was nothing new, maybe a bit boring. Then I starting rubbing against you on the dance floor. It wasn't longer before it seemed this little slut would be a fun plaything for the night. Now you've got me back at your place. Can I handle what you've got in store for me?


I 'd like to focus on eletrical and flogging. Maybe some beads/pegging if there is time.  Before we start, could we do a few 'test' swings with the flogger to agree on a level of force? Same idea with the violet wand too.


Looking forward to it,


Hi Miranda, can't wait to see you and session again, Saturday will be a long 49 days. Long 49 days of not playing with my nipples or cumming.


Please grab my nipples and crank, twist, pull,  torture them. Tie them, put some serious pull to them, you know how much I enjoy having my nipples tortured. Hang some weights from them as your torture my balls, (please read below) I have missed torturing them myself and want to still feel the pain of you torturing them a week later. So ready. 


Please may I have plenty of your spit as well. 


While tied to your open frame and stretched pretty good, legs tied open, please kick me in the balls. I've been wanting kicked a long time but always chicken out. Please push my limits and knee and kick my balls. I want kicked hard so I definitely feel it. Been a really long time since I've felt some serious ball abuse. Please tie them tight,  I'm open to punching as well, but I hope that gives you some ideas. 


May I please have a pair of your panties shoved in my mouth or two to silence me maybe something to cover my eyes as you beat my balls in your cbt chair. Wait that would be a good teasing, please don't do that, I always love watching you in action. 


Smothering, I'm sure you know by now how much I enjoy it and wonder if there is some other forms of breath play that could be incorporated into the session. Maybe some ball punching, flogging or strapping while being smothered and unable to see what you have planned. 


Corporal punishment, I really liked in our last session. I ended up with 100 cane strokes. I would like to push my limits further, please I am very open to being marked. I have nobody to hide them from and want to look at myself in the mirror several days later and see the marks, please push me to take more. May I please have a very intense flogging to get things warming up, be it my back, ass or front. I've never had the back of my thighs caned. When strapping me to your caning bench may I please have my arms tied behind my back to limit ability to push away as you cane me. Please encourage and tease me to accept more and push my limits. Please leave plenty of marks. 


Electrical, it's been a while since we've done much with electrical, maybe some sounds and electrical to really wake things up down there. I'm sure you have some thoughts on this. 


I would love a few minutes to worship your ass and feet.


Please please pleeeeeaaase allow me to cum at the end of our session. l'll be a good sub and take plenty of cane strokes for you.  Please let me cum. 


Can't wait to see you again. 


Mistress Miranda,


I am extremely excited to have been granted the pleasure of submitting to You again later this week.  In preparation for my upcoming session, I have been reflecting on our previous session.  The first thing that always comes to mind when thinking of You, is Your irresistible charm and seductive beauty.  That exquisite beauty, combined with Your expert skill & love for Your profession, cause my heart to beat faster in anticipation of the pain/pleasure I may be permitted to experience in a short few days.  It is amazing how vivid that last session continues to be.


* The warm hug at the bottom of the stairs always has a way of calming my nerves.  


* Your second room was almost complete on my previous visit.  I am so excited to see how it turned out and possibly experience what it has to offer.


* On that occasion You decided to hogtie me (a very first for me) and use the TENS unit to torture my ass, cock & balls.  My balls were securely tied with rope, a couple of electrodes were placed around my stiff cock and my ass was filled with a bipolar butt plug (this provides the most AMAZING feeling).  What I love most about the TENS unit, is the intense pain, instantly followed by the complete absence of pain.  One never knows when the next wave of pain will begin or end, it is simply one of the greatest sensations I have experienced.  Being hogtied provided easy access to my face.  You took full advantage of this by forcing me to worship Your beautiful cock and silky smooth, beautiful smelling, perfect ass.  Failure to do as commanded was punished by a swift slap to the face or a mouth/face full of spit.  I loved the humiliating nature of this torture.  


* Being spanked with Your riding crop, while hogtied, might be one of my new favorites.  I left wishing I had begged for a more severe spanking. 


* A totally new and wonderful experience for me was having You sit on my face.  The excitement of watching Your soft marvelous ass, coming down to cover my face, followed quickly by the shock and horror of realizing that I could no longer breath, was exhilarating.


* Because the session was only an hour long, there were a couple times were You forced me to make a choice about which way the session would progress.  Being forced to choose, was torture in and of itself.  It pained me to only be able to choose one path.  I have only myself to blame.  I should learn to scheduled a longer session.


* There was more humiliation in store.  Mistress, You are unequaled when it comes to the art of pegging.  Having You take me in the missionary position was like being in heaven.  The marvelous feeling was short lived as You placed my cock in the palm of one hand and began spanking it with the other hand.  My brain couldn't keep track of the sensations.  Pain rushing through my cock then the pleasure of feeling Your cock slide deep inside me.


* Nearing the end of the session You informed me that Your bladder was full.  I was told that I would need to make myself hard before being allowed the privilege of having Your warm golden nectar run over my body.  Strangely the pressure of being told to get hard, in order to receive the reward, made it extremely difficult to accomplish.   I was relieved when I was finally able to accomplish my task.  After being teased with a little golden shower I was commanded to make myself cum if I wanted the rest of my reward.  Again the thought of missing out on my reward made it extremely difficult to accomplish my task.  I can't think of a better ending to a session.  Totally humiliated, laying on the shower floor, soaked in my own nasty cum and Your precious nectar.  


Before saying our good byes, You mentioned that I might enjoy trying sounds in our next session.  I haven't been able to stop thinking about that.  My biggest concern is sterilization.  With that concern addressed, I might just be up to trying it.  I would like to request that You increase the intensity of this weeks visit.  Whether it be predicament bondage, harder spankings, more humiliation or more intense CBT (maybe use of the electro ball press board).  As with my previous visits I would request that pegging and golden showers be incorporated if at all possible.  Mistress You always find a way to make each session unique and outstanding.  I know it will be the same this week.  I am eagerly anticipating being in Your presence again.  See You soon!



    Thanks for the appointment time.  I

     As I mentioned before... last session you were pushing fantasy buttons. I’ve had so my fantasies about you over the years ( most I’ll keep to myself).. but one that is recurring.  Would like to repeat a lot of the last one with a few variations if possible.   I’ll try to make it brief and put aside my embarrassment since this is an email.  I’ll try not to be too scripted. 🤷🏼‍♂️

    1. C&B bondage with silicone rings... one around cock and balls, one around balls, and maybe even one at base of cock

     2.  Love the leather arm sleeves you use as well as those leather ankle boot restraints, the pink head harness ( works great)

     3. I’ll let you use your ingenious mind for some excruciating tease and denial.

     4. Finish me off hogtied as usual... but perhaps like my fantasy.... hogtied with spreader bar where arms in leather sleeves tied to spreader bar , and a rope attached to head harness and spreader bar pulling my head back .. forcing me to look straight ahead ( this is key)... attach that crazy black vibrating thing you used before to my cock.... and finally... then the ultimate tease... you in front of me ... close but not too close ... showing me your panty cover crotch... preferably black... can’t explain that one... ( ok I’m embarrassed now) with verbal taunting.   

     So that’s it.   Thanks for listening... first time I’ve ever completely verbalized this to anyone.


Dear Mistress Miranda Rider,

I still can't shake off after our last conversation. Coming from a very closed minded environment it was always very hard for me to understand the surrounding reality. Men had to oppress the women in order to have them on their side. Men had to be dominant even if that behavior went completely against their nature. It was a very dark picture of humanity that I did not want to be a part of.

Until I have discovered FemDom world I had to pretend to be someone that I'm not. Every single family member was very demanding and I was expected to bring a girlfriend to the family dinner, just like every other male of the family would do. I had always have lots of anxiety when it comes to social interaction. It was very hard for me to just "pick up" a girl like she is a product in the market. I've seen many guys doing it and was always very jealous, fantasizing about doing exactly the same thing and then getting intimate with the girls I found attractive. Most of the times I would end up masturbating to that fantasy and not even get a chance to talk to the girl. In few cases when I did I would be instantly rejected.

I was already an adult and my family started to worry. Some of them were laughing behind my back rumoring that I'm gay. I remember that homosexuality was considered something evil in the house I grew up in. I felt very ashamed of that and those gossips were making me mad. I didn't want to be "that evil pervert" that were being cursed constantly by everyone around me. I was very afraid for my life.


After I was making some money and started driving a nice car I have finally gained some value on the sexual market. I finally have managed to start dating! At the beginning I thought that I have crossed some magical line and now I'm on the receiving end. And most importantly... That I will finally lose my virginity that I was extremely ashamed of! Nothing could be further from the truth, however. I turned out to be completely inadequate when it comes to sex. When I was about to have sex for the very first time I was so nervous that I couldn't even get hard. Which in itself wasn't really a big deal to my now ex-girlfriend as she didn't seem to be too interested in having sex with me (especially after seeing the size of my penis). That was pretty much the case with all 3 girlfriends that I have had within the span of my whole lifetime. Even when I did manage to get rock hard the girl wasn't too crazy about the idea of inviting my penis inside of her, and I, on the other hand, was too clumsy to just let myself in. I have never even managed to get the tip of my penis inside of a vagina.

My last girlfriend somehow knew very well what's going on. Even before we started dating she could sense the weakness in me and took control over the relationship. She was willing to come on every single family dinner as my "girlfriend" but our relationship would be very distant from what everyone would expect. The family members felt pretty proud of me since the girl was a very beautiful redhead with shiny blue eyes. Everyone was surprised that "I get to fuck this" (as some of the chauvinistic males put it). I would only go along with their beliefs, not letting them have any idea that I'm still a virgin and this relationship doesn't give me any hope for losing it.

In return, to express my gratitude for giving me that image of an alpha male, I was expected to buy her presents, give her rides and invite her places. I felt very confused about it because deep inside I really enjoyed this lower status. However, because of the social expectations I couldn't really enjoy it, it felt "wrong" and I wanted so badly to be someone that I'm not. I wanted to be seen as alpha, and I was extremely desperate to lose my virginity, feeling like "I can't be a real man until I will lose it". Every time I was trying to make an attempt of losing it with that girlfriend she would tell me "I don't like sex, I'm sort of an asexual person". It hurt my heart every single time I heard it, but I believed her!


One time when I bought us movie tickets and invited her for a date she asked me with a very seductive and cute voice "my best friend is in town now, I haven't seen her for ages! Can I please go with her to see that movie? Please, please, please! You'll be the best boyfriend and you won't regret it, you'll see!". Like always, I would fall for this, in hopes that maybe this time at least I'll get a first blowjob of my life or something (of course, till today no woman ever wanted to suck my tiny cock). She then requested a ride to the cinema. When I've asked her if I will at least get to meet her friend she started acting weird. I dropped her off at the cinema and decided to see what's going on... And now this may sound like a cheap cuckold porn but it really has happened. When I came inside of the cinema building she was making out with a huge black guy right next to the popcorn stand. His hands were on her buttcheeks and she was extremely horny. I couldn't believe my eyes. I ran out, got back to my home and started crying like a baby. I didn't understand anything. My whole world has collapsed, my male ego was crushed, my heart was broken.

I didn't want to hear from her ever again, I was locking myself up in my room for days, weeks, months. Frustration was growing when I was remembering my High-School and College years. So many times I've been secretly in love with many beautiful White girls from my schools that ended up dating big, muscular, sporty, and confident Black guys. Most of the those girls wouldn't even know that I exist and those that knew were completely uninterested even in talking with me. I felt like the frustration is getting way out of control and it slowly converts into hate. I felt like Black guys are doing something that I suppose to do, they are someone that I suppose to be, but for some reason I can't! And whatever else I would be would be wrong and immoral. I felt so bad about myself, I had so many negative emotions.


I was watching porn and masturbate a lot to kill my frustration and grieve. That lead very fast to discovery of my true passion: Female Domination. Little by little I started to feel less guilty and bad about what turns me the most. Seeing all those people having fun, being themselves, submitting to their wives / girlfriends. It was such a big relief to find out that I'm not the only man who is not an alpha.

I then came across a video that BLEW MY MIND (and my balls too, after masturbating to it for many times). It started with a very sexy black, shiny boot. Then that boot went all the way to some male's asshole who was tied tightly. I didn't understand at first what is going on. After rewatching the scene I have noticed that there is a dildo attached to the heel of the boot... Pure genius! I got immediately rock hard after it turned out that the leg belonged to a strict and sexy redhead Dominatrix. It may sounds silly but nothing in my whole life left me that horny as this video did. My hands were shaking, my heart was beating like crazy and my mind was not even capable of understanding anything.


Only in my wildest dreams I would dare to imagine having an interaction with such a strong personality who goes against the social norms and puts the beta white males into their place. After months of seeing that video I have finally gathered a courage to contact this wonderful Woman. And there it finally happened, few days ago I finally could open up myself and be 100% honest about my sexuality and about my sexual status. I was received with lots of warmth and confidence. For that I would like to thank you, Mistress. I really hope my letter doesn't come off the creepy way but being able to interact on a human level with such an open-minded, brave and experienced person like yourself means a ton to me.

I would also like to thank you for accepting my virgin status and expanding it to a full name as "Perpetual Virgin". From now on I will proudly wear this title and I'd love to give you the biggest gift of all: my virginity. That is, a pledge that I will forever stay a virgin and never even get close to a Pussy. For so many centuries Women have been oppressed with imposing standards. Virginity is one of them, and it's time for beta males to take that standard on them, so the Women can finally be free. Free of feeling the responsibility to fuck someone that isn't able to perform well, just because the male ego kicks in.

I think acceptance is extremely important in this world: not only of other people but also of your true self. So many white frustrated males out there spreading hate. If they could only accept their lower status and support Women in making their own choices life would be so much better. I would like to dedicate my life not only to serving a Woman like Yourself but also to promote White Women going Black and enjoying themselves with someone that can satisfy them.


Once again, thank you so much for Your precious attention!