Frequently Asked Questions

How do I arrange a session?

Upon receiving and reviewing your questionnaire, I will respond via email or text (whichever you prefer but I prefer email). If I think we are possibly compatible, you may then call me (upon my instruction) and we’ll have a brief discussion regarding a possible session. This phone interview & usually takes a minimum of 10 minutes.

Please be ready to ask any questions or voice any concerns you might have at this time.

Here’s a tip: compiling a written outline prior to calling can be helpful, just in case you become overwhelmed by the sound of my voice and completely forget everything you meant to say. It happens frequently.

Also, be prepared to answer questions regarding your past BDSM experiences (professional & personal), your expectations regarding the session, your limits, etc.


If I don’t believe we are compatible, I will not hesitate to inform you of such.  And, if I do decline sessioning with you, please don’t call/email periodically to see if I’ve changed my mind. I do not play hard to get and the offer of cash and prizes will not influence my decision. Really, its better this way. Fly away, little bird; your destiny is elsewhere.

When is the best time to call you?

Between 9 am & 7 pm. If I don’t answer, I am either in session or in a situation/venue where I cannot speak freely. Please try again at a later time or send me a text and we can schedule a time to speak that works for both of us. Helpful tip: calling back every 15 minutes until I answer is a bad idea.

When are you available?

I am generally available from 11 am to 8 pm, 7 days a week. I require 24 hours notice and at least one hour in between sessions for cleanup.

Do you see novices?

Yes. In fact, you could say that I specialize in novices due to the fact that I possess a very relaxed and reassuring manner which can put the most anxious and nervous of submissives at ease. However, if you’ve never had a session before, it’s a good idea to do your homework first. The internet can be a wonderful resource (obviously) and there have been many excellent books written on the subject.

Here are a few of my favorites …

SM 101: A Realistic Introduction by Jay Wiseman

Different Loving: The World of Sexual Dominance & Submission by William & Gloria Brame

I’ve watched some of your clips, and I want a session but I’ve seen what you’ve done to other people & I am afraid of you …

Please know that the intensity of the activities depicted on my clips4sale site is not representative of a typical session and, generally speaking, not suitable for the novice or inexperienced player, period. I’ve been playing with the subs in my clips for years and know exactly how much pain they enjoy. (The clip where I burn a cock cage on my sub with my cigarette so he won’t be able to masturbate until the scabs heal? That one was his idea.)

Ordinarily, when playing with a new sub or when introducing any unfamiliar type of play, I begin at the lightest possible end of the sensation spectrum and gradually work my way up, increasing the intensity in direct relation to your verbal and bodily responses.

If it’s obvious that you are not enjoying what I’m doing to you on some level, either because it’s too much sensation or not enough, I’m going to stop and try something else. I don’t derive gratification from hurting others; I obtain satisfaction from giving people something that they need but can’t readily find elsewhere and you certainly don’t need something that you don’t even want. As a wise pervert once said: “It’s not really torture until you want it to stop.” Hopefully, no matter what I do to you, we’ll never quite reach that point.

Is it possible to have a session that does not include pain or that only includes one activity, like foot worship?


Is there any type of play that you enjoy the most?

No, not really. Whatever it is that you enjoy the most, that what I want to do to you, but in a way that’s so surprising and effective you momentarily lose all awareness of time and space. I can’t lie though … hitting people that like being hit is a lot of fun.

What I don’t enjoy , however, is when someone says, “Let’s do a roleplay” but then has no suggestions or imput regarding theme or plot. You don’t have to write a script but you do need to give me something to work with. For example, “You’re my sexy aunt and you’re going to give me a spanking because I took your car without permission” or, “You’re my teacher and you caught me masturbating during class” or, “You’re my boss and you found porn on my computer.”

Will I be able to shower after the session?

Absolutely. My bathroom is alway stocked with fresh towels, washcloths, shower gel, bar soap, baby wipes, mouthwash, & toothbrushes for your convenience. If you’d had a long drive or are OCD and would like to shower before the session, that’s fine too. Just ask.

Will anyone else be there during the session?

We will be alone in the studio but there is always someone upstairs in case of emergency, a consideration that benefits your safety as much as mine. I once managed to give myself a serious concussion while cleaning the house, so me accidentally knocking myself unconscious while you’re in inescapable bondage is not outside the realm of possibility.

Can I bring my own toys?

Absolutely. Just be sure to put them in a nondescript bag.

Should I do anything special in preparation for the session?

If I decide to session with you, you will receive preparation instructions included with the directions.

​I’m into crossdressing. Can I arrive for the session wearing female clothing, make-up, fake breasts, nails, etc.

Absolutely not and failure to obey this rule will result in immediate & total banishment. Furthermore, do not arrive at my studio carrying wrapped presents, gift bags, or shopping bags from lingerie stores, etc.

Does the session begin the moment I walk in the door?

No. Prior to the session we will spend some time talking as “regular” individuals (i.e. not as a Mistress and sub) during which we will discuss any relevant expectations, requests, concerns, restrictions, etc.

This interaction does not count as part of your session time.

What if I arrive early?


​If I arrive early, should I call or text asking if I can come in?

NO! Didn’t I just tell you not to arrive early?

​Is there any reason why you might not respond to my questionnaire?

Oh yes. There are many. Here are a few reasons why I may sigh with disgust and delete your information.

*I will not respond to a questionnaire that is incomplete, extremely vague and/or lacks any mention of actual interests.

*I will not respond to your questionnaire if it reads like it was written by a five-year-old who only recently learned English.

*I will not respond to your questionnaire if you state that, unlike most of my subs, you are young, and attractive, and fun to be around so this will be quite the treat for me (because you are also, most certainly, a douche bag, sir, & spending time with a douche bag is never a treat for anyone–not even other douche bags).

*I will not respond to your email if I suspect that your words and intentions are not sincere (and I can assure you, I will spot your bullshit.)

How can I refrain from annoying you?

Now that is an excellent question! Do not contact me asking basic questions already answered on this site like, “How tall are you?”

“What kinds of things do you like to do?” or “Do you have a dungeon/studio?” If you do ask me a stupid question apropos of the aforementioned, I will assume that you either cannot read, are too lazy to read, or that you are contacting me with the sole intention of wasting my precious time while you beat off in your basement. In any case, I will end the conversation immediately and block your phone number & email address.

Furthermore …

*New subs who repeatedly cancel (i.e. more than once), fail to confirm, fail to cancel, or fail to show up for their appointment, will never, ever, ever, ever, ever be scheduled again and will be haunted by the thought of what they missed for the rest of their utterly mundane lives.  So be sure you can make it!

*Do not ask me to define unfamiliar terms. You should know what the acronym “CBT” stands for before attempting to purchase some.


It’s called Google.


Use it.