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Few situations produce such a heightened sense of vulnerability and powerlessness as having one’s most sensitive & private areas, the very locus of manhood, under the control of and completely subject to the whims of another. For this reason (amongst many), I greatly enjoy CBT & NT and am well versed in the administration of a multitude of sensations, varying from light, pleasurable stimulation to rather harsh abuse—it all depends on you and your naughty bits. I am skilled in both nipple & genital bondage, as well as ball kicking, busting, crushing, sounds, heel grinding & electrical and possess a plethora of clamps, weights, harnesses, and other fun stuff sure to get one’s attention. Also, I routinely engage in sessions consisting solely of these activities.

(Please note: CBT is not secret code for “hand job.” I am not going to give you a hand job.


Not unless I get to use sand paper, for every rule has an exception.)

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