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The Confessional is Akron, OH's preeminent professional BDSM studio catering to prodommes, couples & content creators.

Despite technically being a lair of torment, The Confessional is a clean, warm & welcoming BDSM-themed space that possesses everything necessary for crafting a top-notch professional session, enjoying an adventurous & unforgettable rendevouz with a partner, or creating thrilling content that will keep your fans coming back for more.  With two playrooms and an arsenal of equipment at your disposal,  The Confessional offers endless creative & erotic possibilities.

We are located roughly 45 minutes from Cleveland, 2 hours from Columbus/Pittsburgh, and 4 hours from Huntington, WV.

Unlike many dungeons for hire who require that you bring your own gear & supplies, The Confessional provides everything necessary for safe & satisfying BDSM play.

Corporal implements include a myriad of paddles, canes, straps, belts, slappers, tawses, quirts, floggers, whips & sjamboks constructed from a wide variety of different materials (leather, suede, horse hair, silicone, rattan, delrin, bamboo, acrylic, wood, lexan, rubber, fire hose, etc).


Light restraint to full immobilization is possible with the benefit of metal cuffs & shackles, spreader bars, chain, leather restraints, bondage cuffs, gloves, mitts, booties, belts, harnesses, armbinders, hoods, gags, blindfolds & tape.


Items designed for carnal stimulation include 2 PES units, 2 Hitachi Magic Wands, an EROS-Tek TENS unit, a violet wand, a Venus 2000 and an impressive collection of nipple clamps, wartenberg wheels & chastity cages.

In addition to hundreds of devious implements whose purposes range from playfully salacious to downright medieval, we also provide basic dungeon supplies including disposable gloves, condoms, lube, TENS unit pads, play piercing supplies, plastic wrap, tape, etc, as well as basic comforts like bottled/flavored water, ice, hard candy, blankets, bluetooth speakers & wifi.


Likewise, the shower room is fully stocked with fresh towels & a plethora a of complementary grooming products (bar soap, bodywash, shampoo, toothbrushes, deodorant, mouthwash, etc) ensuring that you're fresh & comfortable before, during, and after your visit.

The Confessional is curated & maintained by Miranda Rider and Austin Vector.


A tour of the studio (as well as a run-down on basic rules of safe play) is available free of charge upon request.  Additionally, Miranda or Austin will be on call & available if you require assistance at any time during your visit.

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