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Text & Phone

I offer phone & texting services through NiteFlirt.  Click Here To Learn All About Niteflirt


Have a whole bunch of questions?  A little bit shy?  Bored at work or church event?  Trade dirty text messages (and pictures too) with me to make the time more enjoyable.  99 cents per volley.




Want something a little more intimate?  While admittedly not as exciting as being in my actual presence, I am available for phone sessions.​  Tell me all your secret desires & filthiest fantasies & let my verbal skills, sultry laugh, and rich imagination bring them to life.  Listen as i taunt, tease, giggle, & whisper:  asking questions, demanding answers, issuing commands & cajoling you into being your naughtiest self.


Unlike a real-time session which is unfortunately restrained by the confines of reality, during a phone session, anything is possible.  There is no limit to what is possible in the playground of your mind.  Are you my pretty girl or my captive?  The naughty boy kept after class or the cuckolded husband who listens with envy while I regale you with my latest filthy adventures.

In addition to functioning as an alternative to live sessions for those who cannot travel, a phone session can be a great way to find out if a real-time session is right for you; or perhaps you just have questions or need advice regarding BDSM, fetishes, etc.  With 22 years as a dominatrix, there's not a lot that I haven't seen, done, or at least heard about.  

If this little phone is ringing, I'm online & available to accept your call.  If not, send me a text or email to schedule a time to talk.  

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