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Who am I, you ask?  I am the next door neighbor who’s gaze you’ve never been able to hold without blushing;  the queen you dream of serving; the kitten with sharp, hidden claws, declining to pounce ‘til you least expect it; I am the temptress you long to yield to; the siren who keeps you awake at night with her softly insistent whispering; the femme fatale who will coax you into surrendering your dignity and swallowing your pride (amongst other tasty treats); the domina who knows your proper place and how best to put you in it.


But you can call me Mistress.  


Say it with me. 


Say, “Yes, Mistress.”

My  métier is the realization of fantasies and my ability lies in the exploration of taboo, the perversion of social conventions, the creation of alter-realities, and the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) manipulation of pleasure and pain, in addition to a myriad of other talents.

Does that pique your interest?

While the proper term for my calling is dominatrix, mistress, prodomme or domina, don’t jump to conclusions—I am not a dispassionate sadist nor am I a deprecating female supremacist.  In other words, I do not enjoy inflicting pain on the unwilling or unappreciative, nor do I have anything against the male gender as a whole.  In fact, generally speaking, I prefer the company of men (those who spoil me rotten and jump to do my bidding, in particular) which is exactly why I choose to surround myself with them. I’m what you might refer to as an ultra-tease; I relish skillfully wielding the heady power of my femininity, and the exploitation of suspense, the manipulation of your senses, and my own physical presence (the perfume of my hair, the heat of my skin, the bite of my nails, the flutter of my eyelashes on the back of your neck, my voice purring promises and threats softly into your open ear) make up the fundamental elements of my arsenal.

Whether you crave discipline or coddling, approval or abasement, succor or penance (or a combination of all of the aforementioned), I’ll discover what makes your flesh prickle, what sends shivers up your spine and causes your heart to race—and I’ll hold it just slightly out of reach until you beg and plead and promise anything for just a taste. 

Please, Mistress Miranda?  Please?  Just one small taste?


How did a nice girl from Ohio become a prodomme, you ask?    


My personal interest in the “forbidden” extends back to early childhood. 


No, I didn’t spank my dolls or put the neighborhood boys in bondage; I read.

Because my mother owned a beauty shop & her regulars would read to me for hours on end while they lounged under the dryers drinking singapore slings & becoming beautiful, I could read on a 2nd grade level by the age of four.  And because my mother compulsively bought boxes & boxes of yard sale paperbacks which i had unfettered access to, by the time I was 11 I had read scores of books on such esoteric topics as astral projection, faith healing, past life regression, alien abduction, spontaneous combustion, reincarnation, the ‘real-life’ accounts of rape/incest/eating disorder/plane crash/cult survivors, Edgar Cayce & Jean Dixon, demonology, mental illness, the meanings of dreams, fortune-telling, hauntings, & exorcisms (as well as everything by Stephen King & V.C. Andrews) and I quite simply could not get enough.

​The summer I was 12, the other kids in the neighborhood & I raided the recycling drop off near my house & made off with two contractor’s bags over-flowing with unabashedly blatant unseemliness (nothing so unimaginative as Hustler in the entire bunch, to give you an idea of the level of filth I’m referring to).  The boys took the magazines & I kept the novels. 

And suddenly I wasn’t quite so interested in the yard sale books anymore …


Just like you, I carry around an inscrutable rider; a dark little companion, cherished and pampered,

yet remaining forever unnamed.


She sits beside me, singing songs of terrible beauty in a voice that never wavers. 

Sometimes I can barely make out her murmurings and other times she roars.  

And, while I claim to own her as just another facet of myself,

many times she’s grabbed the reins and become my Mistress.

These things are like the tides; they have a weight and a heft that ebbs and flows but they always return to the shore.


Do you know what I mean?

If you do, then I know even more about you. I know that you’re bored with the surface of what life has to offer and the tenuous half-truths which cushion acceptable middle-class American desire. Football games, family vacations, the occasional night out with the guys … it isn’t quite enough, is it?

If you starve your desires, they might possibly bust out and gorge themselves,

and–take it from a former teen-aged girl–gorging is seldom a positive act.

But if you make friends with your secret rider, not only will they chip in on gas, but you might find that they’re an ace navigator, as well.

They brought you here to me, after all, didn’t they?

I became BFF’s with my secret rider the day we met and we’ve been thick as thieves ever since.


This is what I believe:  I believe that there is a holiness to what I do;  that my craft is capable of bringing forth transcendence, catharsis, and balance;  that by creating a safe, accepting, and non-judgmental environment where people can shed the shackles of who they are supposed to be in favor of exploring whomever or whatever they feel like being at any given moment, I am doing something worthwhile. I am replacing temptation, guilt, shame, and longing, with openness, honesty, wonder, fulfillment, and a sense of connection & acceptance.

The things you do when no one’s around and maybe feel a little bit bad about afterwards? You could do them with me as an audience instead and receive a resounding round of applause. I’ve been playing this game for almost two decades and I’ve beaten most of the levels. You want to play too? I’m picky about my playmates but if you think you might have what it takes (e.g. like-mindedness, sincerity, and a positive communicative attitude), then take the first step and submit my questionnaire.

Please know that my studio is not open to the public and I am very picky about those I choose to play with.

I only associate with honest, communicative, sincere, and intelligent gentlemen who possess a deep and abiding interest in  BDSM and submission and who’s motivations & interests coincide with my own.

Furthermore, I do not offer or engage in illegal activities of any kind, specifically those of a sexual nature ending in “-job” or “-ingus.”

While there are topless photos on my member's site, I do not remove my bra or panties while sessioning.


*Weight: 140 lbs.

*Height:  5′ 5″

*Hair Color: Various Shades of Red

*Eye Color:  Blue/Grey/Green (I don’t wear colored contacts)

*Measurements:  40—28—40

*Shoe Size: 8

*Years of Experience as a Domina: 23

*Years of Experience as a Stripper: 12

*Associate’s Degree in Arts & Sciences from Kent State University, summa cum laude (GPA 4.0)

*Bachelor’s Degree in English from Kent State University, summa cum laude (GPA 3.8)

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