Who Is Mistress Miranda Rider?


Miranda Rider is the next door neighbor who’s gaze you’ve never been able to hold without blushing;  the queen you dream of serving; the kitten with sharp, hidden claws, declining to pounce ‘til you least expect it; I am the temptress you long to yield to; the siren who keeps you awake at night with her softly insistent whispering; the femme fatale who will coax you into surrendering your dignity and swallowing your pride (amongst other tasty treats); the domina who knows your proper place and how best to put you in it.


But you can call me Mistress.  


Say it with me. 


Say, “Yes, Mistress Miranda.”

My metier is the realization of fantasies and my ability lies in the exploration of taboo, the perversion of social conventions, the creation of alter-realities, and the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) manipulation of pleasure and pain, in addition to a myriad of other talents.

Does that pique your interest?

While the proper term for my calling is dominatrix, mistress, prodomme or domina, don’t jump to conclusions—I am not a dispassionate sadist nor am I a deprecating female supremacist.  In other words, I do not enjoy inflicting pain on the unwilling or unappreciative, nor do I have anything against the male gender as a whole.  In fact, generally speaking, I prefer the company of men (those who spoil me rotten and jump to do my bidding, in particular) which is exactly why I choose to surround myself with them. I’m what you might refer to as an ultra-tease; I relish skillfully wielding the heady power of my femininity, and the exploitation of suspense, the manipulation of your senses, and my own physical presence (the perfume of my hair, the heat of my skin, the bite of my nails, the flutter of my eyelashes on the back of your neck, my voice purring promises and threats softly into your open ear) make up the fundamental elements of my arsenal.