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Role Play

While roleplay can make an already adrenalizing activity even more so by introducing theater into what began as an already fairly surreal situation, it’s the only form of play that requires a somewhat equal amount of work from all parties involved; you can’t just lay there and shudder while I have my wicked way with you–at least not for a substantial portion of the session, anyway.

Furthermore, if your desired area/level of play is beyond what would be termed “mild,” I will not even entertain the notion of including roleplay in the session until we’ve played enough times to develop a rapport and I feel confident of my knowledge of how your mind and body reacts to various types of stimulation . For example, a roleplay where you play a shoe salesman and I play a shopper who tries to use her sexy size 8’s to procure a sweet new set of kicks is fine for a first time submissive while a roleplay where I play a truth-extraction specialist hired by the Nazis who is willing to use whatever methods necessary to ascertain your affiliation with the French Resistance would not be.

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