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Nipple Torture

According to the Nation Institute of Health (NIH), over 50% of men report that nipple stimulation either causes or enhances their sensations of sexual arousal with a lucky few even experiencing the elusive “nipplegasm.”


Unfortunately, this also means that around half of men receive no erotic pleasure from nipple titillation whatsoever (or may just not have found the delights associated with that particular erogenous zone yet) and this fact makes me very sad.  However if you do find yourself part of this hapless percentage, don't fret--I have no doubt that I will be able to find other pieces of your anatomy from which to coerce a reaction.


Just like with women, the male nipple is rife with nerve endings & the proper incitement can cause the hypothalamus to release oxytocin. This fabulous hormone (also known as “the love hormone”) can promote feelings of emotional attachment while also relieving stress & anxiety. Additionally, stimulation of these nerves can activate the brain's genital sensory cortex, also known as the “brain crotch,” the area of our grey matter responsible for full-body orgasms.


Don't let the “torture” part of nipple torture fool you— such play can be quite sensual, even hedonic – waking up erogenous zones that have gone undiscovered while complimenting other entertaining activities.

Play can range from gentle tweaking, vibration, sucking, light abrasion & the effervescence of bubbling static electricity slowly setting the stage for indulgences to come, or you may find yourself tightly bound with vicious clamps hitting nerves you'll swear are connected to your very soul.   And if it’s the latter, once those clamps are removed & the blood rushes back into your flesh, your body will undergo waves of sensation unlike anything else.


The Confessional is well-stocked with toys ranging from gentle clamps & gossamery pinwheels to contraptions that are positively medieval. These accouterments  may be the focal point of a session or as a tool employed to enhance a larger arch. And for a blessed few, you may find your body connecting unfamiliar, amorous pathways through your cerebellum leading to a completely unique sort of bodily apotheosis. Or maybe I’ll just use your nipples as a tool to coerce your further capitulation.  

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